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  1. Showbiz Take a Bow Assassin Citizen Erased Dead Star
  2. Same goes for The Resistance, with MK Ultra being dropped completely and US only coming back towards the end of the tour. Animals will probably have the same fate too
  3. Not having Megalomania closing No Dead Star and CE -> SD either.
  4. This, as much as I appreciate them having a bit more variety, it became predictable a few gigs into the tour. Yeah they've shaken it up a few times (SS early on at RiR, Supermassive in the encore at some stadiums), but more of it would be welcomed. Not too bothered either way about FM, PS is okay but it feels like kind of a buzz kill but it'll probably stay, same for Madness (). I'd like Animals, Supremacy, Survival and LS to stick around but I really doubt Animals will stay, which is a shame as its one of the best live songs they've had in years. Hell, I wouldn't even mind Explorers popping up every now and then.
  5. See also: everything else about this release.
  6. How much would you be willing to sell the Exo vinyls for?
  7. TaB wasn't played at any festivals that year though, was it?
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