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Interview with Matt about cars


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I found this on a german homepage: http://www.ampya.com/news/Interviews/Muse-Saenger-Matt-Bellamy-ueber-Autos-SN102385/


I tried to translate and I hope you can understand what Matt is talking about :/

The interview is brilliant :D I've never seen any of these answers before^^ and the Formula1 thing.....uuuuh :O ;) !!


Muse singer Matt Bellamy about: Cars


One man, one topic: Muse singer Matt Bellamy about his hobby cars, the driving style of his fiancé Kate Hudson and music for Formula 1


Matt, let's talk about your hobby cars!

Matt Bellamy: happy, because I really am a total car fool.


On the Internet there are circulating images of you in a light blue 1962 Thunderbird. It is somewhat surprising that privately you are driving a vintage car. Because the design of the museum shows is always so futuristic.

Matt Bellamy: It's quite a break in my image, isn’t it? I like old cars. I also have a Mustang of 1966. In England, these models have never existed. I bought the car in St. Louis, America, then transferred it to England and drove it there for five years. And now that I live mainly in America, I have taken it back again.


So in terms of cars you are set retro?

Matt Bellamy: Not quite. Because I still have a very futuristic car: a Tesla! This is an electrically powered, very fast sports car. This is a super cool thing. I have always been interested in cars and their technology. My dream car is a Lamborghini Aventador in matte black, but it is unfortunately too expensive, it costs around two million euros!


How many cars do you have in total?

Matt Bellamy: I have three in Los Angeles and in London I drive a Mini. Dom also has a mini. Some people make fun of it when rock stars drive such cars. But in London, the streets are so narrow, parking, traffic is terrible, difficult. The Mini is the best choice here.


Are you a careful driver or rather a speed devil?

Matt Bellamy: I consider myself a very careful driver. But I can do other things! I have taken special classes where they teach you how you drive aggressively and fast. This went on for a bit in the direction of stunt driving. Suddenly obstacles emerge on the track, and you have to dodge without a crash to build.


Why did you do that?

Matt Bellamy: Because I enjoy it! In addition, that suppressed my insurance costs. No kidding: In England, you pay less when you have completed this so-called Advanced Driving.


Generally or as a rock star?

Matt Bellamy: (laughs) I can assure you, as a Rockstar it is extremely expensive to have insurance!


But in the heart you're a lead foot?

Matt Bellamy: I'm only a speeder on the race track. I'm even pretty good on the track. But in everyday life, so on public roads, I am not at all an aggressive driver. But my girlfriend is!


Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is an aggressive driver?

Matt Bellamy: Absolutely! She brings the rage on the road! However, I'm really conservative way. (Laughs)


In an interview, Kate said, you would have anyway a protector gene.

Matt Bellamy: Well, good that she does appreciate it! That's why I like going with Kate in the Thunderbird. It is rather as if you are driving a boat. I like that these old cars are so comfortable. It feels soft. Very different than the Tesla. When I get this one out, I drive automatically different and quicker because it is so easy to maneuver. But I do not use it often.


And where is your two year old son Bing?

Matt Bellamy: Kate has a family car. That must be enough! (Laughs)


What kind of music do you listen in your car privately?

Matt Bellamy: I listen to the radio. I never hear my CD collection in the car. Listening to the radio is better. Because if you listen to music that you do not know that can inspire. When I'm in LA, I hear KROQ, this is the American rock radio; in England BBC Radio 1 and XFM. Kate, however, always hears a pop station. I must also bear this if she sits behind the wheel then. (Laughs)


And if your own music is on the radio while you are driving in your vintage car?

Matt Bellamy: I love to turn to another station then! My family, however, turns louder. I beg them: "Please do not ..." Because all I hear are errors! If I made an album, I like to leave it behind me. But the good thing is: In Vintage Car Muse sound even the best, because Thunderbird has the original radio of 1962. It has a very simple mono sound. So that everything sounds really cool. However, the selection is very limited to radio stations, you can not receive digital channels so - only old medium wave radio.


Have you ever fallen in a traffic stop by own fault?

Matt Bellamy: Once yes. I was driving on the A303, which is a road that leads down from London to Devon, where I live. Takes you past Stonehenge and Glastonbury. This is the best road in England to go fast! Normally, there is never police. I drove the car I had before Tesla: a black Lotus Elise. This was the first fast car I had, and I've really taken advantage of. I better not tell how fast I was driving. Anyway I was stopped by the police and cautioned and got three points on the account. But they are barred now.


Have you ever seen Muse with one or the other car broken down?

Matt Bellamy: Oh yeah, especially in the beginning. At that time we went on tour with our own cars. Rather, the cars of our mothers, we have always borrowed us and filled with equipment. We broke down so many times - there are really endless stories of how we have not made it in time to a concert. That was horrible.


Last year you were with your drummer Dom in a Formula 1 race in Silverstone as a guest. In what mission?

Matt Bellamy: In order to meet Bernie Ecclestone! I'll tell you a secret: They want to have composed music for Formula 1, and Ecclestone is Managing Director of Formula 1. So we were also on site to get inspiration for us, even if it is not yet 100 percent sure if we want to do it. There we talked with Louis Hamilton and inspected his car, and we have visited Jenson Button and the McLaren team. That was a really cool day!


What exactly would be the music?

Matt Bellamy: It would be heard anywhere Formula 1 takes place! In all TV broadcasts around the world. And they want music for the moment when the driver can get on the podium and celebrate himself. We know our best at this point.

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Haha, just remembered this, from Jonathan Ross in 2009 :LOL:


Brilliant stuff, funny interview! A conservative driver, he says. I so do not buy that :p

I also remember he was stopped by the police after a show in the US, quite a few fans witnessed that. This must have been back in 2007, I remember Gaia was with him in the car (seemed like a sports car in the pics). Reportedly, he drove around a few times, speeding, and then the police came up and stopped to have a "chat" with him :LOL: When he left, he was driving much slower haha

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Thanks for sharing and translating! I can't imagine Matt driving about in a Mini. :LOL::happy:


great article cheers for translating.. ive seen the boy himself whizz about in his mini.. he doesnt joke when he says theyre handy for parking in london. its a killer. im surprised he doesnt follow the tribe in london and drive a fiat 500.. very stylish

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Quite surprised Matt hasn't been on Top Gear. Maybe they don't think he's popular enough with their audience


I'm sure they've had more 'obscure' guests. Wonder how it works. Most of the guests normally by 'coincidence' have a new movie or tour or something coming out soon so I imagine it's the agent of the guest that arranges it rather than the actual show


Matt should go on to promote the 20th Anniversary next year

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I'm most impressed that he beat Morpheus.


I'm sure they've had more 'obscure' guests. Wonder how it works. Most of the guests normally by 'coincidence' have a new movie or tour or something coming out soon so I imagine it's the agent of the guest that arranges it rather than the actual show


Matt should go on to promote the 20th Anniversary next year


Alex James from Blur was on, and he's not even the frontman. IIRC, he was promoting Blur's show at Hyde Park last year.

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