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  1. Same. I missed them last tour even though I liked Drones (Idk why, just lost sight of them I guess), so I want to see them this tour but I don't really like any of the singles :/
  2. I don't know why but the only song that gave me some kind of positive reaction on first listen is Algorithm... I've only heard Dig Down once because I disliked it that much. I really tried to like The Dark Side but it just goes nowhere, same with Pressure. Get up and Fight might be their worst album track ever. Something Human is boring. The rest I only heard once so far but I didn't like it immediately which isn't a good sign for me with Muse. I don't even hate Muse's 'poppy' side, as long as the songs are good, which they just aren't in this case IMO Judging by the reactions here it shouldn't be that bad. Oh well, apparently Muse can make albums that are just not my taste after all.
  3. I think any discussion of whether Muse/whatever is pop will go nowhere because there isn't a definition of pop that everyone agrees on. Some people say pop music is songs that make the charts (top 40 and stuff), some say it's accessible/catchy songs, some say it's songs that follow a common structure, some say it's all music that isn't jazz/classical and that kind of thing, etc etc.
  4. Statistically, the chance that Matt has had anorexia is pretty small. It's a really rare disorder. It's much more likely that he just didn't have consistent eating habits, was too busy to eat, forgot to eat or, most likely, just had a small appetite.
  5. Yeah, I'm just starting to get to that phase in my life, I hope I wasn't just talking to you in that reply, but also kind of to myself
  6. I think a lot of people are music snobs in the sense that they feel they can only like bands that are 'approved' by certain people/media (I think Pitchfork for example is famous for dubbing music 'cool' or 'uncool' based on really arbitrary standards, like how 'indie' it is). Music is very subjective, contrary to what these types would have you believe. If you like it and it evokes some kind of emotion in you, then it's good music. Don't worry about it
  7. My least favourite songs of the album are Mercy and Revolt, which is weird because I usually like Muse's pop songs. But I don't find these catchy, the melodies are boring to me. The rest I like, or has the potential to grow on me (I don't really 'get' the Aftermath and the Globalist yet)
  8. I half agree with this. On one side, I think that people don't have to settle for mediocrity, but on the other side, I feel like people are quick to label songs as bad just because they expected them to be bad, or because they expected them to be amazing, or because they just go with the opinions of the crowd, or whatever other reason instead of actually judging them for what they are.
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