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  1. I don't particularly want to part with it because I really like the sound of it but I'm probably going to sell my Blackstar HT-20 combo due to it being really heavy and even though it's only 20 watts, I never really get the opportunity to crank it. I'd like to invest in a head and a cab since I'm hoping to use it for gigging soon, doing post-rock stuff. If I do sell it, I'll probably be looking to spend around £400 but could probably stretch to a bit more if necessary. Anyone got any good recommendations?
  2. I didn't mind it but I would have prefer something a bit heavier so I'm going to check out their earlier material

  3. Sorry I took so long to reply, been away for a fortnight. Did you like it?


    I've never heard of them, but will check it out :)

  4. Ah okay. I'll given a listen later today then. Have you heard Crystalline by Hark? Sludge metal album that came out this year. I think you might like it. Last track has the singer from Clutch on it

  5. I've given bits of Melting Sun a few more listens. Liking it a lot, definitely recommended.

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