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  1. it looks so weird how instead of playing guitar he's clinging to the mic stand and trying to look cool or sexy or whatever
  2. I think Matt's vocals sound better tonight than most of the Drones Tour
  3. setlist.fm says it's Pressure now??? edit: hm, must have been a troll...Starlight now
  4. Unfortunately this is only for UK based fans :'(:'(:'( I hope the early access thing also works by just purchasing the deluxe box because I'm from Germany... EDIT: I just received an email in German saying that I will receive another email with codes (?) and further information on the ticket presale once the tour dates are announced.
  5. Omg is it just me or is his guitar terribly out of tune playing Fury?😱😱
  6. Someone here said that they might want to put all songs from the album on the new DVD to show that they're telling a story in Drones. Maybe they are going to do this musical kind of thing that was mentioned at some point last year with some live footage or something like that?
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