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  1. We were level 1, block 115 row T. There was a railing in front of us that stopped me falling over a few times I'm hoping the crowd will be a bit more lively when I go again next Tuesday! I just hope the band couldn't see how boring people were!
  2. WTF is wrong with people in the seats? Hardly anyone stood up in my area (Level 1, Block T at the end of the 'B-Stage' where Matt first appears). I was going mental in my seat; but I think everyone around me thought I was mad. I think THEY were mad for not getting into it! I think my heart truly belongs in the Pit (but I'm getting old and was there with my kids. Who were totally into it with me!).
  3. I've had to use last years calendar this year, looks like I am going to have to recycle it again!
  4. ... seated in Block 107 so not too bad. Taking my daughters so couldn't go standing this time. Though after the crush at Electric Ballroom it'll be kinda nice to be in seats lol - I'm getting too old!:LOL:
  5. Is Stuart Bingham Matt's cousin? He said on a tv interview that his cousin is really good at snooker, and Stuart Bingham is playing...
  6. I still haven't come down yet. Decided not to hang about after the show cos (a) I was knackered - getting on a bit y'know and (b) I didn't want to cause any embarrassment if I actually met Matt. I would have been one of those annoying ones who wanted to snog his face off and would have been arrested. So not cool. Show was fucking amazing - there was one guy in front of me on the barrier, then Matt directly in front. Sorry dude for squashing you! First gig I've been to with crowd surfing (I'm a late bloomer). And I met some great Musers - you're all brilliant! BRING ON DOWNLOAD!
  7. So would it be really uncool, if I am lucky enough to meet Matt when he turns up, to ask him for a kiss??
  8. Oh god I can't wait till next Monday... 1 week and counting. Genuinely sorry for all the fans who couldn't get tickets. I will enjoy it for all of you.
  9. I've written a book, heavily inspired by our three heroes. It's called My Unintended, and you can read it on http://www.authonomy.com. Let me know what you think - I need all the support I can get . Or if anyone is an agent or knows of one....
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