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  1. Sorry, it wasn't meant to be directed at you personally, I mean I know its your quote lol. But everyone has been saying it since GUAF was announced and Matt made that comment but I think now that we've heard it its definitely a relationship song. But people still mention that its about Matt's uncle.
  2. I wish people would quit saying stuff like this without thinking. It's not about that. It's very obviously about a relationship, although Matt mentioned his uncle in reference to the song most likely in a vague context as a theme for the song and its punch. A song can have multiple themes along in different contexts and clearly his uncle or anyone battling for their life can be a theme without it being "yeah the song is about that" Same thing with Pressure being a song about pressure written directed at "the fans." It's clearly not although feeling Pressure as an artist (and particularly from fans being a theme) while not necessarily being a fan written TO THE FANS as people have claimed. The lyrics make no sense in the context and same goes for GUAF. "I can't survive without your love in my life, you've gotta get up and fight" is clearly not for his uncle lol.
  3. I'm going to guess Black Mirror. Didn't Matt mention being a fan of that show?
  4. Does TaB seem way sped up? wtf. Also a step down but they're playing it really fast.
  5. And actually I remember at the time when Muse was announced as the 2004 Glasto headliners alot of people were like What?? Who? And then people kind of took notice. They were pretty unknown even in Europe compared to the usual Glasto headliner.
  6. I actually tried to but when I google imaged 2004 Matt Bellamy Absolution 99% of the pics were Glasto lol.
  7. Hence key word *relatively* Muse was unknown to alot of the world in 2004. Especially North America. They were known in Europe but that was their first big headlining show where they took over as one of the biggest rock bands in the world. By relatively unknown I'm not saying they were underground. But they weren't as big as they were from then on.
  8. Insert other media It honestly makes me so sad to see a picture of 2004 Matt and remember when he was just a god tier musician from a relatively undiscovered band and didn't have a massive ego.
  9. Walking around with the guitar on his back doing stupid hand gestures. Typical Post-TR Matt.
  10. The live stream that caught pray turned into a regular video. God damn Pray is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard from Muse.
  11. Matt not playing guitar on TC. Yeah thats it for me. I wanted to see a show from this tour before debating on getting tickets and traveling. This is retarded lol. One of the few rock'ish songs on the new album and Matt is prancing around like a diva per usual.
  12. Not counting Pray we're legit just getting one debut tonight. With tons of songs off the new album not getting played. Literally would trade TAB for Blockades.
  13. Which vocals were playback? And idk wtf pray is, tried to shazaam it but not clear enough. It sounded beautiful though.
  14. He did not. I assume you're talking about the third repeat on the final chorus? If so then no he sang it pretty soft.
  15. Hopefully this stream keeps up until Propaganda. That's really the only song on that set left that I care to hear. What a let down of a set. Basically one new live debut.
  16. So far the setlist is accurate but it looks fake as fuck. Look at the highlighting around words like Dig Down for example.
  17. Actually now that I look at it that setlist is super fake. Look at the edges around the words. Copy/paste bad shop job for sure.
  18. I'd be pissed if they opened with that over the regular version of Algorithm. Only to play the regular version later. Also where the fuck is Blockades?
  19. So we should see this in the next day or two. What are we thinking? I would guess an Algorithm pro shot from RAH, or BITM from the same show. Or both.
  20. Top 5 in order: The Handler Exogenesis MK Ultra Dead Inside Animals (The Void and Blockades really close honorable mentions, could probably swap out with Animals but the album is too new to say that) Bottom 5: Revolt Dig Down Aftermath Get Up and Fight Liquid State
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