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Shepherd's Bush Empire Show Director's Cut Online Now


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what does matt say at the end of dead star? something about the internet?


I haven't watched it yet, but just had a look at the end of Dead Star as I was interested in your question Hannah, and I think he says:


"I was just getting into it...I was just getting into it when [gesturing at Dom]...guuur"


I think he was jokingly expressing frustration at Dom for finishing it too quickly, as the song does finish quickly, but I expect it was in accordance with rehearsals. :LOL:


Matt is becoming the showman! :D It's weird! :LOL:


EDIT: Bit late there!

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So, what exactly is the difference between the original and the director's cut? What was missing before/has been added now? Or is the quality just better? I can't be arsed to search for differences, lol.


Edit: Bit shit that they've cut songs - Supremacy with that audio would have been immense! But glad they've improved the sound quality from the first one.

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