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  1. The Cathouse and Polo both offer free entry for those who went to the gig beforehand, by the way -- I love the idea of a Muse after party
  2. Pretty much all my favourite live versions of Muse songs are very early after they were released, so I'm really hoping the festivals will have awesome feeds like ACL had.
  3. Just realised that, as far as Europe is concerned, all the YouTube videos that had been muted in the last year are back with sound... Not quite sure what to infer from that, but at least, we can watch the Freedom Outro from Rome again
  4. Fair enough, but I wonder why..? The crowds seemed less into it than for the previous two tours, and of all the pro shots we got from the T2L era (iTunes, ACL, Personal...), none of them seem as solid to me as, say, any 2010 performance. I can't really pinpoint why, though.
  5. Also, the two times that Muse have released an album before or around festival season, they've played some UK festivals that same year. I might bet £1 on the 8/1 odds for Glastonbury 2015 ^_^
  6. Unsustainable and IS were both written with the T2L tour in mind, I am sure they'll both be dropped next tour.
  7. Wait, so the fact that they have in-ear monitors during the Showbiz era doesn't necessarily mean they had a metronome..? Suddenly I'm not sure I understand what monitors are for
  8. Ok, the Shepherds Bush one does sound a bit weak, but as a general rule, I still prefer versions like these http://picosong.com/YfWX/ (at 3:45) rather than the standard 'watered-down' reverb effect (terrible description, sorry) we usually get like here:
  9. Jesus I had forgotten how good that one was, thanks! KoC is the only song I can think of for which I prefer less vocal effects rather than more during the first hald -- imo, any other song is improved by adding, and I'd love to hear Survival with distortion.
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