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Your favourite guitar riff/solo on T2L ?


Your favourite riff/solo/guitar part on The 2nd Law ?  

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  1. 1. Your favourite riff/solo/guitar part on The 2nd Law ?

    • Supremacy - main riff
    • Supremacy - bridge
    • Madness - solo
    • Panic Station - solo
    • Survival - main riff
    • Survival - outro solo/riffage
    • Animals - verse
    • Animals - chorus
    • Animals - outro riff
    • Big Freeze - solo
    • Save Me - solo
    • Unsustainable

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Pretty much all of Animals is something I'd put on the top level of Muse's guitar work.


Wubwub middle section is also fantastic, and I love the toan in the 2nd verse of Survival.








I love the line that leads to "Add more rules" - it's amazing... :-) :happy:


It's bend more rules

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I'm glad someone pointed this out :awesome:.


Amplifier > Muse in the riff stakes.


Survival post intro riff is killer though. Best bit of guitaring Muse have come up with probably since the New Born riff.


Agreed. New Born would be their second best riff ever in my opinion.


Amplifier riffs are bloody fantastic, but I'd say they're on par with Muse, generally.

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The Survival riffage is just blah blah blah on the guitar. I voted Unsustainable and I really love the guitar parts on Animals.

Well, I agree it's not radically new, but it's not forgettable IMHO and I like it...I like Unsustainable more though - it's so original, new and cool...


Animals has got great guitar work too - the last chorus is an amazing hype...


T2L isn't much of a guitar album (for Muse standard - not like OOS or BHaR) but when there's a guitar, it's really good and catchy...Defo better guitarwork then on The Resistance... :-)

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