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  1. I must say I love delay and chorus on bass guitar...Our bass player (female as well ) 's got Boss ODB for overdrive and EHX Memory Toy for delay ( analog delay on a bass guitar is amazing ! )...But it depends on your band - we are a three piece, so loads of times I'm just singing and not playing guitar - that's when delayed bass shines...Chorus is next on her list - a friend of mine uses the Small Clone on bass and it sound great + it's cheap and cool looking...
  2. Well, I agree it's not radically new, but it's not forgettable IMHO and I like it...I like Unsustainable more though - it's so original, new and cool... Animals has got great guitar work too - the last chorus is an amazing hype... T2L isn't much of a guitar album (for Muse standard - not like OOS or BHaR) but when there's a guitar, it's really good and catchy...Defo better guitarwork then on The Resistance... :-)
  3. I love the line that leads to "Add more rules" - it's amazing... :-)
  4. What is your favourite riff/solo or just generally a guitar part on The 2nd Law ? I'm hoping there isn't similar thread around here (I couldn't find one)... Mine is either Unsustainable or guitar work in every chorus of Animals...But you know, tough choice...
  5. I'm sorry, that was too harsh from me...sorry...Everybody likes different sound...I never thought Les Paul would be that heavy with Ac30...Or maybe it's the Keeley ?
  6. Anytime :-) ... I love the character of the sound - you can't change that much (that may be a drawback - not for me, but you can't get huge array of tones out of it), the controls for hi-cut and eq are more or less just for fine-tuning the sound, but I like the nice difference when I plug my tele or my strat into it, it reacts amazingly to guitar's volume knob or to boosters/OD pedals... :-) Plus the hi-mids sound of VOX can cut very well through the mix and sounds great above overdriven bass (which was my problem with other amps - Fender, Marshall - they took up too much sound space resulting in muddy overall sound of my band)...
  7. I've got the version with just one speaker and it's great if you accept that it's technically one channel amp only and it's loud as hell...So if you like VOX sound, it's a good way to go 'cause the features (FX loop, good tremolo, fine reverb, master volume) are great... It takes your effects very nicely (even the FuzzFactory), works great with delays and it's got a unique sound. I love it, I wouldn't go for anything other than a VOX AC30 as my main amp... Great amp ------ So - my MIDI delay conundrum - TC G-sharp or Line6 M5 ? Why is G-sharp so cheap even though it looks great ?
  8. Oh, you meant that moment ? I thought you were talking in general - my bad posting via my phone, I didn't read every post...Well, that's peculiar...Maybe to challenge himself ? :D
  9. Well, there are vowels that are far easier to sing because you open your mouth a lot and your jaw goes down - the most open voice is with your jaw dropped making an O shape of your mouth and when the backside of your tongue goes down - thus freeing your voice (more air comes through, no obstacles etc)... So, with the higher notes, it's so much easier to sing some vowels than the others... My example as a singer is this - I can sing B4 - it's hard but with a right vowel, vocal warm up I can sing it and it sounds pleasant...Whereas I can't sing very nicely the "Plug in baby" line in PiB's chorus even though it's a G4 - just because the vowels are really hard to sing there...
  10. Ok, both are great - he should surprise the audience with either of those... :-)
  11. Is Rocktron Intellifex (Blackface) any good ? (I've found a good deal on that one) Or M5 from Line6 is better ? (I'm mostly interested in delays, maybe Pitch fx too...)...THX
  12. Save Me...Absolutely...LS is too american/not Musey sounding....
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