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  1. I really hope he gets better before coachella, cause his voice was clearly damaged and he was extremely annoyed with himself and the situation last night. But still they were able to deliver. Much respect for Muse and Matt for stepping on that stage ill and giving his best to a crowd that didn't appreciate them as much as they deserved. It was a hell of a show, omg!
  2. Crying. I hope they're ok, though.
  3. Officially confirmed: http://www.lollapaloozabr.com/2014-line-up
  4. And I'm pretty sure the lady next to Dom is Problematique MX! Gaby is such a cutie pie.
  5. Basically, yes, but it was incredible that the ACL festival. It was so meh at RIR. And yes, that freedom scream!!
  6. He was wasted. It was amazing. I even thought Survival was fucking epic, and I generally hate it.
  7. Oh my god it was fucking insane! Unnatural Selection was special, wow. The crowd was amazing and they filmed us (my group of friends) like a thousand times. Unfortunately they didn't film us trolling Madness and pointing and laughing at Matt during Follow Me when he dramatically falls on his knees, lol. 1:12:26 that was me at the barrier (i'm on the left side of the stage wearing plaid) expressing my appreciation for Starlight, lol. Took that opportunity to rest my feet.
  8. Glorious City of Delusion Space Dementia Darkshines Cave
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