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  1. Yeah, it's not as good as Pelagial for me, but still epic. BTW, Caligula's Horse need to be on your radar and... I totally forgot to activate that discord link, are you able to re-invite me?

  2. Just watched the trailer. Not sure I'm ready

  3. Yeah ha.


    I've used that old Taken clip a few times to show up how ridiculous so much editing is now

  4. I dunno about hardcore expedition. I was living quite comfortably The last couple months of the trip:https://vimeo.com/223323821
  5. Months after I leave...

  6. Done an edit from a very rainy Queenstown and Fjordland: https://vimeo.com/205821732
  7. My fiend had the translation of the original French version. So Lancelot is never, ever wrong. Especially when he decides to fight for some guy against Arthur, routs the army of Camelot and then gets the other king to surrender because he adores Lancelot so much.

  8. Because you're one of two boardies who might've done, have you read Lancelot of the Lake? Because a backpacker friend was reading it on our trip around the Milford Sound, and read several passages out to me. We've concluded that Lancelot, as a French insertion into an English tale, might be the original Mary Sue. Also, a bafflingly large portion of the aristocracy seem to have dedicated themselves to stopping people from crossing bridges.

  9. Sounds promising. I read Bran saying it'll be rather dark

  10. I feel they earn the level of drama, and Greg takes the mania to places where most vocalists can't reach

  11. I seriously think Nothing to Forget is my favourite Dillinger song. Certainly my favourite performance from Greg

  12. Ooh, that's tempting. Fingers crossed for DEP too

  13. It's getting a bit clogged up by bot topics...
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