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oil i think. it would be too much of a pain putting a clear coat on it i think, so oil will do the job nicely

I love when woods are kept as their original colours (saves decisions too!)

Wenge can behave oddly with different finishes, i suppose its the oil content... just won't have it! :LOL:

Natural is good, just something to protect it.

Can't wait to see the finished piece, looking really good.

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scroll saw blades came today after ordering them last night from axminster and got the two headstocks cut out. for my first go on a scroll saw i didnt do too bad.

they're still a bit rough. will do inlays tomorrow then they'll be ready for scarfing onto the necks




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finally managed to get more done over the last few days. scarfed the headstocks and did the neck profile. glued in the cf rods and routed the neck pocket. both are nice tight fits and light as a feather. obviously the tops will add some weight but i think they're gonna come in at quite a nice weight overall




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