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  1. If you sit your camera on a solid surface or tripod and set the shutter speed to really slow, you get some good glow shots. I must try that with the 27//54 actually. what amp is it btw?
  2. How do I porter Robinson? 5S21AIWMLbw There's two sounds I'm after. The first is the guitar at the start. I'm guessing it's some sort of autowah or synth, kinda reminds me a bit of that boss bass synth? Any ideas? The second is the pad synth at 1.23. I can hear a phaser in there, but I'm trying to find a tutorial for that kind of synth, kinda daft punk discovery-esque sound.
  3. It's the same parts and chip. Maybe one or two of the values are different to increase gain, but that's still my guess.
  4. It's such a painful experience. It's not called architorture school for nothing! It was like me saying I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. Oh God you're in architecture? Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
  6. to be honest, with the neck, I would either say a) hang on to get a proper neck made the way you want it or b) go for a better quality neck with inlays. If you're ordering a bunch of hardware from guitarfetish for things like the GFS pickups, they have a good selection of necks that have better reviews than eden stuff, even if they do have inlays. Just my 2c. I still think you're going to have problems with printing from a psd/pdf/jpg/crayon drawing. I have never ever in my 8 years of architecture gotten the scaling right from those unless it has a component cad drawing like an eps or something. We've even had construction drawings where when they're printed, people pick scale to fit and it ends up printing at like 99.98%, which seems close, i know, but it's enough to put it off. Thing is, it's both very easy to do the cad drawing yourself or to find an existing cad drawing, and get it printed to the correct scale. Even if you started with things like the bridge/neck position 100% correct and then traced the body from an embedded image in cad, it's still infinitely more accurate. This is just me speaking from experience. If you're confident enough to go with what you have, do that I suppose. As for the GFS pickups, I've used their rails before (cant remember which, the hotter of the two, around 16k in the bridge?) and really liked them. They're seriously loud, although can be a bit bass heavy at times. That being said, I can see myself using them again. I've an itch to build a guitar again, and when the time comes, I'll probably be using GFS parts, cos they're generally good, and I've been happy with them in the past.
  7. Ok so just a few things to consider with this. 1. Eden necks have a terrible reputation. Do a quick Google of reviews and they really aren't good. If you're ordering a rake of gfs stuff, I believe their necks are a bit better. 2. Be VERY cautious about scaling drawings from images. I'm an architect, and in a profession where accuracy is everything, scaling from drawings is a cardinal sin, usually leading to legal liabilities. With the guitar, if you print from a scaled jpg that goes a bit pixilated and is even a tiny bit off, your intonation could end up being a mess afaik. Get a cad drawing and print it properly to scale 3. I tried building a sustainer. Don't. It's way more hassle than its worth and it ultimately sucks.
  8. No, not at all. If you get the rosin right, the most damage you do is some rosin dust on the strings, but it wipes off easily with a dry cloth. The trick is to really set up a new bow right. It takes a lot of rosin first time, then only 3 or 4 swipes each other time. I'm finding the best results on the 3 thicker strings, although I'd be tempted now to look at going up to a heavier set of strings all together.
  9. You know us knt folk. Always masturbridging to guitar porn. In other news, this cello bow is the best $17 investment I've ever made. It might just be the best piece of guitar equipment I've ever gotten too. I'm just using the reverb on my amp (which is actually quite a lot) and a drive pedal (my 27//54) and this is just the most hauntingly beautiful tone I've ever made with my setup. And the odd little screech and howl from the bow is just so good for anyone who likes that ambient sigur ros style.
  10. I heard he tried to make Stephen Fry his bitch. Key word being tried. Nobody puts kitty in the corner.
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