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  1. hooglebug

    AF Guitars

    its got a ghost bridge, so its all just that. I mean, if someone ordered something i'd do it. but I cant afford to be just making stuff and hoping someone buys it, because they dont, and my walls are full
  2. hooglebug

    AF Guitars

    well, I completely forgot about this. in case anyone's interested, here it is finished. also, it looks like this will be my last one. I can't keep making things that no one buys, because, you know, money and stuff. so yeah, this is it by the looks of things.
  3. Hey

    I've seen some of your works and i gotta say there impressive.. I just need some help with wiring etc..

    I'm building an MB-1 replica but have no idea how to wire anything :$ ... #epic fail

    Can you help?


    Basically, I need to know how to wire everything...


    Contact info -

    07906 823389



    Thanks in advance :) ,


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