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  1. spiderman teamwork wins the internet every time.

  2. the theory is, take a range of notes from bass, recorded clean, then use all sorts of fun VST's in ableton to make it more ridiculous. For example, I've one called Saussage Fattener, which is a multi-band saturator. Basically makes everything sound a little compressed, and very saturated. Fun little tool though. I've the Guitar Rig VST for Ableton too. I took a square synth and put it into that the other day. Squarewave + marshall plexi preset = wait, what?

  3. Wow, that good a recording from a toanport? pretty decent! I've been trying to find a decent clean bass sample pack. They all suck so far. I'm trying to find someone with a decent bass setup, or at least something relatively ok for recording to see if they'd record something very very very simple for me that I could use to make bass lines.

  4. I was out and about when you spotted the Singing in the Rain thing, but thanks for that. I'm not great on film names, but thats been bugging me for ages. I knew it definitely wasn't the earlier suggestion of "porn." Thanks bud!

  5. hahahaha! You can never have too much spidey!


    Did some one say spideybirthday?


    Thanks for the cake. :) <3

  6. aaww <3


    That totally made my day. Cheers buddy :)

  7. When you get back from your Peru tours, there might be a potatoe shortage. There was an accident on the main road in Ireland:


  8. which posts? a lot of my ones in knt are shite.

  9. yeah, that would be putting it simply. It's very difficult to explain. Saying darker and smoother could be describing the Rams head one, but it's not like that either. It's different, but you can still tell it's a muff.

  10. had volume seriously low for this:



    VERY interesting. Cannon, as expected, is much smoother, but keeps all the gain of the Muff. Distinctly different tonal qualities, and I couldn't really pick a favourite. One's as good as the other imo. The plan now, is to have the Cannon set up for non-JW sound (Vol @40%, Tone @ 40%, sustain @ 100%) and the Big Muff set to JW settings (Vol, Tone, Sus @ 65-70%). One pedal closer to my perfect setup i guess.

  11. fwiw, the breadboard I use is ~€20 from farnell, but they screw you by €35 for first time delivery. It's by a brand called Wisher, so you might be able to get one from an electrical wholesaler, like Mouser, Farnell or Radionics. here's a list of them from farnell, maybe you can find them elsewhere. Bare in mind that anything made on them is like 10000000000000000 times noisier than when it's on stripboard or sommet.


  12. not really. Only extra costs are the price difference in the enclosure, the cost of a dpdt toggle switch and thats about it. It's the same base schematic, just with about 20 unique values of components. For example, the modern muffs use a 1uF in both the clipping loops. In mine, one has a 0.1uF and the other has a 1uF. This allows for more lower end, and makes the clipping stages a little warmer. there's countless changes like that. The input stage is more biased for mids, the clipping stages are warmer, the output cap is more for mids, there's more gain allowed pass from one stage to the next. The list goes on. In anycase, i'll leave it on the breadboard till i have the money for some enclosures. I'll probably make a few of these.


  13. wanna see the decal?

  14. I think it was trying too hard to make it sound like a muff. Sounds better this way as a unique sound. It's still on bread board. Need money + enclosures. This one has a toan swichh too. just tried it with a boost before it. Also tasty.

  15. from 0.15 till about 1:10, jack might aswell be playing a black face cannon with sustain turned down. trufax, it sounds just like that.


  16. there is actually so much porn in this image. HDR Photo, carpet, wood, AWESOME GORM HACK, maestro filter, big muff.


  17. job-fails-but-not-too-deep-right.jpg


    Now why dont Whammy's have display screens...

  18. yeah. I always liked some of the old japanese tiesco guitars. That bass looks totally copied from a ritter though.

  19. fwiw, i did some research on spear guitars, mainly cos i want their relikdd les paul, but it turns out that their idea is great, but their quality is inconsistant. I saw a few reviews that said the guitar was good but only after a complete rebuild. They said that for an asian brand, the quality was really good, but inconsistant. If i had the money, I'd buy the relikkdd les paul, put two BKP P92's in it, and jack white all over your whammy, leaving a sticky mess everywhere, but you know me, i'm a mess.

  20. Thought you might like this. It's no wood floor, but not too bad anyway.


  21. fuck. it's not in my sent items, i'll have to write it again.

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