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    -The one with the screwdriver.
    -The one with the spanner.
    -Absolution Box ...its tasty and i opened it... i just don't care!!
    -A few other bits and pieces.
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    10/11/06 M.E.N Arena.
    20/09/07 Mesa Amp. Mesa, Az, US.
    12/04/08 TCT. Royal Albert Hall.
    13/08/08 Marlay Park. Dublin.
    17/08/08 V Festival. Stafford.
    04/09/09 Seaside Rendezvous. Teignmouth!
    05/09/09 Seaside Rendezvous. Teignmouth! (One-off twice'd it)
    04/11/09 Sheffield Arena.
    05/11/09 Echo Arena.
    10/11/09 NIA Birmingham.
    13/11/09 O2 London.
    01/12/09 Zenith. Limoges.
    09/04/10 US Airways Centre, Phoenix. US.
    10/07/10 Oxegen Festival. Ireland.
    21/08/10 Coke Live. Krakow. Poland.
    04/09/10 LCCC. Manchester.
    11/09/10 Wembley Stadium.
    26/08/11 Leeds Festival.
  1. Quite fancied ordering the Resistance tour photo album.. Yeah, right up to the point it was £6.54 postage!! £6.54!!
  2. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=190595849977 Is this someone selling Liam's work????
  3. Thanks Kev. Thats a bit poo isnt it? Cant you right a snotty letter to someone? Tried all day to change my undertitle too, then missed it!
  4. I had the Jimmy Jam riff from Royal Albert Hall bootleg as a tone for aaagges, worked really well!
  5. Cheers! Thought as much. But I've tried it in a few skins (current, stars, haarp, mobile etc) and it just doesnt seem possible I was putting it down to iphone's general slight racism or whatever it has built in!!
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