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Looks very good, I love your paint job.


I think you need to improve your site to do your guitars justice as it doesn't really work in firefox and most of your links to pages don't work. I'd happily do a re-design for you if you wanted.

Edited by Tom!
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its done and up on my site




the pickup selections are:












5-way + push/pulls adds




neck+middle phased

neck+bridge phased

neck+middle+bridge phased




blend pot


blends between neck+middle - middle+bridge and includes all three on together


push/pull on vol (introduces bridge in parallel mode) takes out middle pickup in series giving neck+bridge in midway position of pot.


push/pull on tone phases bridge pickup as per parallel


can i just ask how much you are charging for that guitar, or at least the simplest version of that guitar that you will do?


ie, not as expensive pickups


EDIT: i just thought i would add on that your site doesnt work with safari, or at least not on my mac, whenever you click on a 'link' it doesnt link to anything.

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agreed, the guitars are very nice! but the site is hard to read and .gif is a very poor choice of image format to use for the type of graphics you have on there... i suggest if you have the time that you change the gallery pics at least to .jpgs, gifs handle block colours better, jpegs look far better than gifs and are often smaller in size for similar quality for real life pictures and colour gradients.


also consider changing your images with the text on them to real text and a background... its very difficult to read because of the colours, and also the way the gif compression makes the patterns from the gradient you made.. and i couldnt even get around this by highlighting the text to increase the contrast, as it wasnt actually text! heh.


but yeh, loving that guitar its very nice indeeed!

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i got two big boards from a wood yard so it was about £60 for two through necks worth of wood with a bit left over. if you bought it from a specialist guitar wood place it would be more


i got lucky in that they were two nice boards with nice tap tone and were light as a feather

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