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stinks. so does bone and other such things. bubinga smells really nice, really sweet. wenge kinda smells a bit like burnt chocolate. but my nose doesnt agree with it and bleeds. id hate to think what cocobolo would do to me! but i want to use it, cos its sexy

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its a neck through yeah. you can see the joins more on the back but the matchings good on the front. i got lucky with those two planks.


the pickups sound really nice. in series mode its full and loud like a good warm humbucker and in parallel mode its very stratty with a bit more balls. then the phase switch makes for a very vintagey clean sound. i shall have fun for a while i think


this is a better pic


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im liking it. its got 24.5" scale so its really easy to bend. for some reason everytime iv done shorter scales before - even 25", its been too floppy for me, hence why my standard scale is 25.15", but this one doesnt. maybe its the bridge. who knows.


the bridge is great too by the way. really responsive without being over sensitive, and return to pitch is perfect with the locking tuners. im loving it so far

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