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Fury Discussion Thread


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Ok, I just linked my friend to my cover of Fury, and she said that it was kinda meh and repetitive (it's not that you can't hear the song in the background, the song is very audible)


But yeah, I'm like whut


If that's repetitive then pretty much 3/4 of the songs in the world are that follow the structure











Plus Fury has loads of layers in the chorus, and the whammy effect adding depth to the guitar tone, and half the shit she plays is dull as fuck O_o


EDIT: Apparently it's boring and

no, what I mean is that there doesn't seem to be much differentiation between the different sections, and it just seems too similar, especially for about 5 minutes long...


:facepalm: especially after the stuff she plays.

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Fury is in my Muse top 5, but it does have some cons too.


So...pros and cons:



Love the guitar in it

Love the lyrics

Love the bassline

Love the breakdown bit

It's a long song...



...maybe a bit too long for it's good

It's slightly repetitive

Not really fun to listen to if I'm not in the mood

Sounds a bit weak live, dunno why


But what the hell, Fury's just great! :D

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The guitar in this.. it's so badass! Sexy! The break around 03:00 is just so fitting!

It should definitely have been included on Absolution - this would have made the album even better in my opinion (and it's probably my favourite already)


Would love to hear it live someday..

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