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  1. I'm in agreement with you, OP. Just listened to the new track, and it doesn't do anything for me. So I played Micro Cuts live from Hullabaloo, all is well. Also, this is my first log in in nearly 3 years! How are all of you doing?
  2. Hey Miss Bee, I like your avatar. Good show.
  3. Oh, wasn't trying to nitpick I just wasn't sure if I was overlooking something. But I downloaded it shortly after posting that, and the entire show was great - I assume you recorded it? Great job, if so!
  4. Do you have to download it track by track?
  5. Ruled by Secrecy without a doubt.
  6. Hey Muse, come to the Orange peel in asheville. Alright, thank ya.
  7. I think "cheese" is definitely subjective. It generally seems to work though, it got us all here.
  8. rofl. but anyway, I feel Absolution is probably the most accessible, in my opinion anyways
  9. Damn son, that's crazy. I like it. Dude can hit some notes like no one's business
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