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Teignmouth Colts sign up Muse as new kit sponsors


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TEIGNMOUTH Colts are the coolest team around after landing sponsorship from rock headline band Muse.


Muse – all former Teignmouth Community College pupils – are the town's best-known export with a world-wide following.


Now their name and logo are on the front of Teignmouth's shirts – and on the back of their training tops.


Team secretary Bridget Pattison said a hopeful 'begging' letter got a better-than-expected reaction.



"Someone at the club said they thought one of the Muse lads had played for the club when they were at the college – and from that came the idea of writing a letter asking for sponsorship," said Bridget.


"It turns out we were probably wrong – no one can remember which one it might have been – but if you don't ask you don't get.


"When we didn't hear anything back we wrote again – and back came the reply from their management asking who the cheque should be sent to.


"It is safe to say Muse have a few more fans now than they had before and it is nice they have done something to support their home town."

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