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  1. If anyone needs a hotel for Sunday night, PM me. I no longer need my room at Philadelphia Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast on South 10th St., 3 miles from the venue. Rather cheap: $98.
  2. I'm bragging, I know, but I didn't appreciate TAB until I saw it live - it closed my 1st Muse gig. It was epic! Top songs that I haven't heard are Muscle Museum and Blackout.
  3. Maybe it's because no one's posted in this thread in over two and a half years, that the band are taking their sweet time in telling us the exact tour dates for America this/next year? Maybe they think we went away? Helllooooo we still love the band and we need to plan, please.
  4. To think I might actually have a chance to hear Muscle Museum is just ... unbelievable. I'm going to try so hard not to get my hopes up though. And SfA. But I have a feeling that hearing SfA in an arena might not be as great as MM because of the ambient crowd noise. Idk?
  5. Whomever posted that Defector is a worse song... I agree. To me, Defector is what Revolt is to many people in this thread: I don't really love it, although it's become kinda catchy. Revolt, though - man, I really do love that song. I don't care if the band intended for it to be cheesy or "jokey" as some have said. I don't expect deep, provocative emotions from every piece they write. But, as I've said (maybe not here though), it could just be that Revolt speaks to my inner '80s teenager.
  6. I voted Hysteria, but only because it's had so many years ahead of Reapers, and it's sentimentally lodged in my heart. But in time, maybe Reapers will win out.
  7. I thought lyric videos were supposed to be temporary, like a preview for the final video. I love the other one, I think it's gorgeous.
  8. Yes! I said from my first listen that the line "Your ass belongs to me now " should be yelled/shouted/rapped rather than sung. (I may have even said it here on the board; sorry if I'm repeating.)
  9. http://www.dc101.com/onair/klinger-55215/a-klinger-conversation-with-dom-from-13614736/
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