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  1. I used to be so obsessed with them that now I get second hand embarrassment by just thinking about that time of my teenage life...
  2. I have a friend (not really a friend but whatever) who didn't know I listen to Muse so when I mentioned it to her once she started screaming and yelling that she hates them so much, that her ears bleed when she hears them, that she would rather die than listen to them. Overall she scared the fuck out of me and when I asked her why she hates them so much she just said "Because I do." And the only songs she ever heard were TiRO and Sunburn. I don't understand how can you hate a band with such burning passion if you've only heard two songs.
  3. It seems to be impossible for people to just look at the things the way they are. Instead, they must search for symbolism and other weird shit like that.
  4. Anybody who would want to hurt himself because of a band break-up should go look for some help. It's just a band, nothing more. It's stupid to even say things like "I wanted to kill myself when I heard they wanted to break up" or whatever.
  5. I agree... My point was just that when you first get into a band, like Muse everything seems new and great and amazing and you love everything. After some time you start actually seeing that not all songs are great, that some are better than others and such. Liking songs is subjective and the forum didn't ruin any of my opinion towards them. I still preffer BHaR to Showbiz just as I did three years ago...
  6. Za NME Sexiest Male će bit pravo bezveze ako Matt opet pobijedi, nije više ni zanimljivo...
  7. I'd probably stand somewhere, wondering if it's actually him and the eventually decide not to go over because I'd make a fool out of myself.
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