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    As well as Muse , the Killers, Mr Hudson and the Library, Paramore, P!nk , Bit of GaGa, bit of Foo Fighters
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    Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman, Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquival. Enduring Love by Ian McEwan, Harry Potter Series.
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    Origin Of Symmetry, Absolution, The Resistance, HAARP, Showbiz, Black Holes and Revelations with the Absolution DVD, Resistance single, Hullabaloo CD & DVD, The Resistance box set, The 2nd Law box set
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    Lancashire County Cricket Ground on the 4th Sept avec Deve2k (Alright!!)

    Leeds Festival 2011 with Deven (again!)

    Manchester Arena 1st November 2012

    Emirates Stadium 25th May 2013
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  1. I agree with Strangeseas somewhat. Just reading the lyric on their own, without the music, it can be quite cheesy. However, chanting "Your ass belongs to me now" with a whole bunch of people at the Manchester gig was pretty great. I also cringe a little bit when I hear some of the songs in public but I really enjoy them when I'm on my own. What can I say, I think I just worry about what people think when people see that I like a song that's about being dead inside
  2. The gig was great. Good setlist overall and more effects than I expected, since it was a free gig and all. It was just lasers and pyro galore! I got a good standing place near the outer barrier, right in the middle, thanks to Forgetyourlove .
  3. Anyone tried transferring a ticket? I saw the option on Ticket Master before but I only see the print option now Edit: I decided just to print them anyway. I couldn't find the option anywhere, even though it was there before today. Was hoping I could just transfer it to another person on the board but no luck.
  4. Phew! That's good Wouldn't want to have to tell people they couldn't go because of that
  5. I still have both emails and it's still on my order history. I hope they don't take my tickets!
  6. I'm a bit worried now. I got two pair through different codes because there's three of us going, and I gave the spare to someone. Have people been rejected for getting two tickets under the same name?
  7. I'll join in the ebay reporting. It's stupid how they're selling them at all. Edit: Not sure how to file the report. What does this come under in the drop down menu?
  8. I got the confirmations really quickly. I applied through The Sun promo and the Facebook link
  9. Got a spare ticket for you, if you need it. I can't tell if my PM works since it doesn't say I have any sent messages
  10. Same. I thought it was going to go all dubstep XD. I liked that they did play those two, despite the sound quality but me and my friends were on the barrier by Chris' side and we couldn't really see them when they went on the B-stage.
  11. The gig was so good! Quite a impromptu Muse gig for me, only bought the tickets on Wednesday. My favourite set list of the shows I have seen. I was nudging my friend over and over when Dead star started. Crowd were good, not too mad. I want to give personal thanks to the guy I know as Queue Master at gate S. He enforced the queuing system when no one else would . Also, I was waiting with my friend Deve2k since she's at the Sunday gig too and Spiderman makes a appearance again!
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