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  1. Yes, going with dad and little brother. Helped some friends get tickets as well with the member presale code in the afternoon
  2. if click through into the sale, i'm (auto)logged in, so i would assume so, yes. Best to register/log in in advance
  3. in the i popup on the ticketmaster site: Fans die het album Simulation Theory voor 9 november hebben gereserveerd (alleen via http://www.muse.mu) hebben als eerste toegang tot tickets. Voor hen begint de verkoop al op dinsdag 13 november om 10:00 uur. so seems like .mu should get it's shit together and provide an affiliate link
  4. Well the regular sale is via Ticketmaster.nl They do have the American Express and mojo newsletter presales mentioned (Amex one at least seems to apply to regular tickets as well) Maybe the muse.mu preorders just aren’t important enough?
  5. Hmmm I’m slightly worried it will be just ‘enhanced experience’ in the presale? Or does anyone reckon they’ll add a link somewhere before tomorrow 10am?
  6. They’re now just gone... *really hopes a ‘normal ticket’ link will appear for the NL gig before tomorrow*
  7. This. One major european tour (although I don't really care if that's arenas or stadiums, a stadium tour would be less of a nightmare to get tickets for), and then come back later for a round of festivals.
  8. I don't know, with an album out early 2015 (say february) they've been out of europe for quite a while. What was a problem was that the stadium tour was (at least in NL) only 6 months after the arena tour and was announced in december. 1) lots of (young) people won't have money left for a 60 euro concert ticket after christmas/whatever local gift giving holiday. 2) it's hard to tell yourself it's worth splurging on if you walked out of the arena like 5 minutes earlier. If they give a concert again in say, spring 2015, that's been long enough since summer 2013 (for me at least) to be willing to pay that much money to see them again. And Gaga just spent too much time wearing clothing more interesting than herself and ARTPOP was even more mediocre than Fame/Monster and Born this Way (those two at least had one or two good pop songs on them, artpop lacked that) (edit: typo)
  9. They write that the guy who checks the sound levels (some external person making sure they don't produce too many dBs) says that they used a lot of recordings from previous shows in the background to guarantee that the sound quality is good. edit: which is not exactly the same as playback, but still cheating
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