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Three Questions to ask Muse if you had the chance?


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Each one would answer these:


1. If you were all on a hot air balloon and it could only take the weight of two people. Who would you push out?.


2. If you could be anyone/anything for a day, what would you be?


3. What song means the most to you?


Silly questions:


1. (Matt) Can I stroke your hair?

2. (Chris) Can I stay in your house when I go on holiday every year near Teignmouth?

3. Wanna go scuba diving?

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Questions for the lads:


1. How drunk do you need to get before you have a go at karaoke?

2. What's your favourite part of your body?

3. what would you do with a banana, ice cream and a couple of glace cherries?


I love those questions soooo much!! ^^^^


I think that is seriously what I would ask.^^^


1) Too all, Who is one man that you would go 100% gay for?

2) Too all, Favorite movie of all time?

3) To Dom, how many times a day do you have sexual fantasies about Matt?

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Id ask matt if thom yorke hurt his feelings and does he need a hug


Awww. Bet he'd like that question. :LOL:


I change one of my questions to "Is Hoodoo about Matt? (In reference to the last few lines)"


I'm confused. Heh, in that case he'd be referring to himself with three different personal pronouns. Wouldn't that be a bit.. worrying? :stunned:

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To Matt: Can tell me everything about these conspiracy theories you speak of? (There will probably no more time for any other questions. :LOL:)


If there is still time which I doubt it:

To Dom: Can you teach me how to play the drums? :happy:

To Chris: How do you manage to balance everything (ie. family, band, touring etc.)? (I've always wanted to know. It's like he's some sort of super human. :unsure:)

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