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    I'm Helena, I'm 15, please don't judge me because of my age, I'm more mature than the main part of all 15-year old people. I'm an obsessive Muser, and I would die to go see Muse at Wembley. I'm a quite big fan of Franz Ferdinand, Mew and 30 Seconds to Mars as well, weird mix, i know. I'm a Showbiz-girl, i think it's the best album ever, and i really mean it. I don't mind waiting in line for Muse for 20 hours, been there, done that all alone, haha. I live in Scandinavia, in Denmark, the world's most boring country, but i live near Copenhagen. I've been lucky, so I've seen Muse twice. On their next tour i'll probably be travelling around to see them. I'm on this forum to get new friends who's as obsessive as me, because i literally don't know any Musefans.
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Music, concerts, festivals, guitar, art, human mind, drawing and writing.
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    Student + working on a library
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    Muse, Mew, Franz Ferdinand, Kashmir, Death by Kite, Turboweekend, The Floor is Made of Lava, Arctic Monkeys, Oh No Ono, Interpol, Bright Eyes, Ginger Ninja, 30 Seconds to Mars, Animal Collective, Blur, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Figurines, Dúné, Foals, White Lies, Veto, Gorillaz, IAMX, Julian Casablancas, Kaizers Orchestra, Kanye West, Kasabian, Kill Hannah, Kent, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Klaxons, Late of The Pier, Laura Marling, Coldplay, MGMT, Panic! at the Disco, Placebo, Raconteurs, White Stripes, Radiohead, Rumour Said Fire, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Spleen United, Strokes, Shitdicso, Vampire Weekend
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    Family Guy, House, MTV2
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    1984 (:
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    Hullaballoo DVD and Soundtrack
    Origin of Symmetry
    Absolution Tour DVD
    Black holes and Revelations
    The Resistance - Deluxe edition
    Supermassive Black Hole single
    Starlight Single
    Showbiz Vinyl
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Forum 2007
    Parken, 26th of October 2009
    Roskilde Festival 3rd of July 2010
    28th of August, Reading Festival
  1. I'm almost never online in here D: Sowy for my extremely slow answering :/I thought, maybe you could add my msn screenager@live.dk? :3 because you seemto be nice :D

  2. Oh it's fine! :happy: I haven't seen Muse yet :( TOU COULD HAVE MET THEM??! :eek: And you didn't... poor you! :'(


    I'm okay thanks, got a bit of a sore throat though :indiff:

    Have you been up to much?? :)

  3. Sorry for not answering for like.. Years D: I've just been so busy with my school and so on. I'm so depressed, i want to see Muse again soon, and today i found out that i could have met them ): i'm just... LE FUUUU ):


    but, how are you? c:

  4. Heyyyya :p

    We haven't spoken in a while! How have you been?? :D

  5. Awwwh, it's nice to know they care about the fans, not just themselves :D I bet it was really good to be there!


    I was super-depressed yesterday because of Wembley, I felt like crying :LOL: Tonight's not as bad though, I'll just have to listen to them all night :(

    I'm great thanks :D Have you been up to much??

  6. I was in Madrid monday till Friday this week with my class. And i was originally going to Wembley but because of this trip i couldn't, so i kinda whined about it while being on the trip. My classmates thinks i'm weird and hates me, and i think that made it worse, so they ruined my new Origin of Symmetry vinyl by losing it on the floor while helding it for me. They're calling them a gay band all the time too, and says that Matt looks like a fool and has a gayish name. WTF is wrong about being gay though? They make me crazy.
  7. Shannon is not that nice.. he seems to not care. Jared and Tomo are really nice though. Especially Tomo, he's so fun, and he's talking and asking, the same with Jared, and it's not only ''did you like tonights show?'' it's more like... personal. Hard to explain, it seems like he really cares about you.

    Shannon is more trying to get blonde groupies outside, arh ):


    And i'm ok, a little sad because i'm not at Wembley, so i'm doing my own little wembley-night right now with all the DVD's (:

    you? :D

  8. Wow!! You are sooooo lucky! :D

    a Meet and Greet?!??! That's amazing, are they nice?? :happy: And I think everyone in their right mind would want to win one with Muse :LOL:

    How are you??

  9. Muse is my fave, then 30STM think :D i've seen Muse twice, and 30STM twice (: Got on stage during Kings and Queens both times, and won a Meet and Greet with them the first time. but.. I WISH I WON IT WITH MUSE ):

  10. So you like them too :awesome: 30STM are like my second favourite!! :D

    No, I haven't seen either :supersad: I would love to though! :happy:

    Have you watched them live?? :)

  11. by your signature! (: it's so great to see another one with that... like.. favoriteband-combination! have you ever seen muse or mars live?

  12. I had this extremely weird dream last night. I dreamt that i was at a Muse-concert at a random huge venue, and when citizen erased was going t be played, everyone except me and 5 other people left the venue, and on stage Matt, Dom and Chris were standing like nothing was wrong. I remember that me and the 5 other die-hard fans almost started crying because Muse stopped playing, but suddenly Matt said ''Mates, come backstage, we'll continue with some acoustics'' And like, we got backstage, in this orange room with Matt only, i really don't know where Chris and Dom were. Then he asked what we wanted to hear, and then i said that i would love to hear Sunburn, and then he played it, god, it was beautiful. Later he played Citizen Erased (!!?!???!!) on an acoustic guitar, and Map of Your Head. Then we just sat and talked, and i asked him to sin my guitar, that i ran home to get. I got it signed. Then we left. I was crying because I didn't wanted to go. The next day the autograph was gone from the guitar, and i started wondering if this was all a dream, with Matt on the acoustic and so on. But suddenly i heard a knocking on the door, and i opened up and out there was Matt. He came inside, signed my guitar again, and then he played it, omg *-* and when he had to go he hugged me for a long time and said ''See you soon'' It was so damn weird.
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