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Three Questions to ask Muse if you had the chance?


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  • 2 months later...
what would be yours?


Mine would probably be for Matt as im an aspiring singer


  1. Is he able to still sing Micro Cuts like the old days? (as ive heard some straining in his voice in recent times)
  2. Has he gotten singing lessons (maybe answeed before i dont know)?
  3. Whats his favourite muse song (i imagine it might be MotP) at the moment?


he said at a bamboozle interview for Fuse his fave muse song was Take A Bow...


but i'd ask...nothing...b/c i'd be too nervous to ask any of them a single question even if it was like "where's the loo"...or something...lol


but i'd probably have the guts to ask:

"when will you have a gig in Florida..preferably at the st. pete times forum and NOT the ampitheatre."

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1. "I've got this ant problem at my place- can you recommend a spray or something like that?"

2. "Do you think the TCP/IP protocols are the most efficient way of transferring digital information?"

3. "What's your favourite grain length of rice?"











Gotta love The Chaser...

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*sigh* i've explained it so many times :LOL: I hope Matt knows what I'm talking about I've sent it off as a question several times and even scribbled it on the back of the Trafalgar poster we signed so I have no idea if hes actually seen it but Matt if you have, that curious bugger is me, ok?


Anyway just read this, its too mad to be a coincidence:



You have a good point with your COD theory. I remember the story well. Good thinking Tasha.

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