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Three Questions to ask Muse if you had the chance?


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1. If there was a scrubs movie made, would you do the soundtrack?

2. Why do you insist on playing Invincible at every gig?

3. Do you want a jam? I've been practicing on my bass lots


Wait, what? Muse on the Scrubs soundtrack? Scrubs uses quite a variety of music, but I can't ever see Muse being suitable. Colin Hay all the way :happy:

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To Matt, could you please hire me as your personal assistant? I don't really mind about the kind of tasks or the salary :rolleyes:

To Dom, why did you dress up as a SM in the MTV Making the video of NSC?

To Chris, what do you think when Matt & Dom do crazy things :D

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1) Fancy playing Chester-Le-Street? Our cricket ground is just as good as Manchesters... :D


2) (Matt) Have you read Brave New world?


2a) [if yes] Seeing as The Resistance was based around 1984, do you think it would be interesting doing a similar thing with Brave New World and the next album, seeing as they're both about totalitarian governments but on complete opposite ends of the spectrum?


2b) [if no] Do you read books reccomended by fans? :p


3) Do you post on the messageboards under a different username?

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