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Three Questions to ask Muse if you had the chance?


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Would you describe yourself as a tortured soul who creates his best music when enduring the pain of unrequited love or grief? I guess the question is what truly drives you?

Would you say that you are true to yourself and write your music as an extension/expression of your soul or is that giving too much of yourself away?

Do you still feel the same fire and passion that consumed you in the beginning when you didn't have a record contract and knew that the world just had to hear your music...?

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1- What do you think the world will be like in 20 years time?

2- Is there a particular country you have visited on your travels that you like most in terms of it's culture, people etc?

3- Is City of Delusion based on the bible and the Revelations "666" theory?


Bonus- Matt, bloody teach me to play poker


I'd imagine they'd say Japan for that one.


1 What are the lyrics to the Glorious chorus?

2 Do you realise everyone likes Dead Star?

3 Could you rearrange songs like Glorious and Cave so that you can comfortably play them live?


:LOL: I'd like to know the answer to that one.

"We, too, could be glorious" or "and leads me to be glorious." :erm:

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@Matt: Do you empathise with the situation of Marvin the Robot in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy?

@Dom & Chris: How many pints had you had before the shower video?

@all: If you had one bullet in your gun, who would you each shoot, and for what reason (note, you can't shoot each other)

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1. Do you ever feel like calling it a day and leaving the Muse life behind?

2. Are you aiming to go down in history as one of the world's greatest bands?

3. What's been your most frightening/craziest/enlightening experience under the influence of hallucinogenic substances?

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to Matt: If you had to choose between giving up music or giving up sex, what would you choose?

Muse: If someone who didn't know you asked you what your profession is, what would you answer?

Dom: Is an imitation of the Slikpnot frontman possible once again?:D


those are great :D


I dont know what I would ask really

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