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  1. think there's any chance we'll get to meet the band like people did at the small UK shows? At least as long as we queue early, I dunno, what do you think?
  2. Got tickets. No email confirmation yet but the money's been taken out of my account and I have a confirmation page as well as a confirmation number. See you at the gig
  3. Having a forum account actually doesn't make you a member of muse.mu for pre-sale ticket purchasing purposes. You need to go to the main website and make a .mu account from there which is completely different from a forum account. People, including me, made this mistake so if you want to be eligible for pre-sale tickets make an account on the websites main page. If you do it post gig announcement it's too late, you need to have an account beforehand. Even if you made an account a long time ago make sure to double check that it works, if you changed your email since the account was made it might not work anymore. Good luck!
  4. Yep, I'll make a 'The More You Know Post' later just so people don't make this mistake before more shows are announced.
  5. Are the presale tickets going to be accessed through here? http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=5805295 I suppose box will appear prompting for a presale code?
  6. Guys I thought I had an account because I did since 2009 but it doesn't work. I'm not eligible for the presale...... A small venue concert and after being a fan since 2007 I'm not eligible for the presale. I just assumed I was because I was a member with my old email (my computer got stolen and my accounts got hacked a year ago but I didn't think it would affect my account/I wasn't thinking of muse presales since they weren't touring at the time or soon then) but it's saying no account exists with that email. .... FUCK. Is it possible to use someone else's preale code who's definitely not going to the concert. Can anyone help me out? This is the worst, I'm afraid I won't get tickets, which I probably won't, if I can't get access to the presale, which I can't because I assumed I was a member and only just found out now that I'm technically not. To get the presale tickets do we just need the code or do we need to be able to log into the members account as well? If anyone could answer that that would be amazing. Even if you can't help me pre-sale code wise.
  7. Yeah they're jumpsuits (functional jumpsuits actually since Matt skydived in his) but I imagine it has to do with the military aspect as well.
  8. strikes me as how anyone younger than 11 would say 'fake', not easy to take seriously, but maybe that's just a US thing.
  9. "its scent has been blowing in my direction" "I'm young but I know that I'm aroused" "its caramel nose can smell me" "stretch it like it's a birth squeeze" "Who's so phoney and always surrounded" "be my slave to the grave" "Fully loaded satellites"
  10. Why the crap were people talking about Taylor Swift lyrics here. I love the first half of the song (for what it is, the electronic/pop side of Muse). Especially the accents on certain words in the prechorus. I think it's some of if not the best music in that style that they've written. The second half was a bit dull and typical ballady post BHAR Muse (so it was good but nothing special) but it does grow on you. Reminded me a lot of "come to me, trust in a dream, come on and rescue me" when he starts singing ballad style so I think the association with Madness, a song I never really liked, unfairly made it lose a few points in my mind. Lyrics are way better than Psycho, not great, but pretty good, and they manage to have a lot of emotion even if it's not poetry. "The greatest guy" is out of place but it's not too weird. This song is probably going to be getting a lot of radio play like Madness and reel in new fans but I'll be a lot more happy about it.
  11. That's a shame, I actually like how harsh that lyric is but I see how it could be personally unsettling to hear it obviously.
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