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    Music Composition, Electronic Music Production, Film Scoring
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    M83, Queens of the Stone Age, Mars Volta, Blank Banshee, Vektroid, Death Grips,
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    Blade Runner, Star Wars
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    Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek
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    OoS 10th Anniversary Repress, HAARP DVD, Digital Release (of course)
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    The Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, October 24, 2010
    Webster Hall, New York, NY, May 8th 2015
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  1. *Checks last activity date* :eek: YOU ACTUALLY CAME ON?!!?!?

  2. Awesome, what's it like? :D

    Errrm I went away to Butlins in Minehead this weekend, and that's about it... Alton Towers tomorrow and Leeds Fest on the 26th :D


    How are you? :p

  3. Mehh not much, I got a new guitar :D but thats about it :p

    How bout you?

  4. That's not such a big deal, a lot of Musers like RH :D I got into other music too, only came on here once a month :chuckle:

    Have you been up to much? Done anything interesting? :p

  5. I dont know why I left to be honest...I guess I jsut got into other stuff? Idk...I got into more indie music and...*looks around paranoid*...Radiohead...I know, such a faux-pa. XD

  6. It's really weird talking to you, we haven't spoken for ages! :LOL:

    Goood, I'm glad to hear! :D I've been fine thanks!

    So now the big question: WHY DID YOU LEAVE? :eek:

  7. YES I AM :D <3333

    Ive been good . hbu???!?!?

  8. OMFG YOU'RE ACTUALLY HERE! :eek: <3 I missed you!


    How have you been? :D

  9. Is it too late to reply? Im back :D with a new found love of Muse!

  10. Where are you?! We haven't spoke in ages... In fact, it looks like you haven't spoke to anyone :( I hope you're okay :$

  11. Hey! I haven't talked to you in forever!

    How are ya? :happy:

  12. :awesome: did you have a good christmas?
  13. Hey!! Im going ther tommorow :D

  14. Heyyy. I went to H&M yesterday and I thought of you! :LOL:


    And Merry Christmas, too! Today was our last day of school before break! :awesome:

  15. heyyyy! long time no speak!

    how've you been hun? :happy:

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