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  1. I got mine around 4:45. Looks like every half hour??
  2. Well I opened my inbox this afternoon, and my heart skipped a beat.... Looks like I'm going to the show Does anyone know the details of what the show actually is and how many people are going?
  3. Do y'all think there is gonna be any supporting acts announced? honestly any band that plays with them will probably pale in comparison to the performance Muse is going to give.
  4. I live on 12th street, literally on the opposite side of the block from the venue, and I can tell you that public transit is your best bet. Finding parking in the East Village on a Friday is going to be a massive hassle, not to mention they raise the rates on Firdays and Saturdays. Union Square is 3 blocks away, and is arguably the biggest subway station in NYC so either taking the train in or park somewhere uptown and then take the subway to Union Square would be the easiest way to get to the show
  5. Okay so all of a sudden I got an option to select a ticket. $75 Nice N I C E Whatever still buying it but I'm broke now...
  6. I think the most annoying part is that some people with access codes that worked didnt even have options to select tickets on the main ticketweb page.
  7. According to ticketweb if you search the show it says its not sold out soooo????
  8. If our code worked and there are no options to pick the number of tickets, does that mean they sold out??
  9. *Checks last activity date* :eek: YOU ACTUALLY CAME ON?!!?!?

  10. Awesome, what's it like? :D

    Errrm I went away to Butlins in Minehead this weekend, and that's about it... Alton Towers tomorrow and Leeds Fest on the 26th :D


    How are you? :p

  11. Mehh not much, I got a new guitar :D but thats about it :p

    How bout you?

  12. That's not such a big deal, a lot of Musers like RH :D I got into other music too, only came on here once a month :chuckle:

    Have you been up to much? Done anything interesting? :p

  13. I dont know why I left to be honest...I guess I jsut got into other stuff? Idk...I got into more indie music and...*looks around paranoid*...Radiohead...I know, such a faux-pa. XD

  14. It's really weird talking to you, we haven't spoken for ages! :LOL:

    Goood, I'm glad to hear! :D I've been fine thanks!

    So now the big question: WHY DID YOU LEAVE? :eek:

  15. YES I AM :D <3333

    Ive been good . hbu???!?!?

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