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Just read this in the entertainment section of the national paper.


Muse muso moves here


Dubliners: if you happen to notice a guy who looks vaguely like the drummer from Muse walking the city streets, chances are its really him.


Chris Wolstenholme has upped sticks with his wife and four kids, and is now residing in Foxrock, south Dublin. The jet-setting Devon native wanted to live closer to a major airport, but found London "too impersonal" to raise a family[/Quote]


There ye go, Chris plays drums, and lives in IReland. Excellent reporting!

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Well done to who ever reported that give yourself a pat on the back now go read Muse wiki :LOL:


I'll be looking forward to seeing Chris on the drums and Dom on bass at Wembley :p


Don't you know its Matt on bass?;) Dom is that high-pitched singer dude!


I think itd time to go visit some friends in Foxrock. :shifty:


Handy its small...and I work near there...where LOADS of Foxrock people shop.

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His kids are going to have that horrible accent. :stunned:


And fake tan and bushy hair and complain they only have fourteen Chanel bags.



I'm sorry if anyone here who lives in Foxrock is on the boards but the only person from Foxrock I ever met told me that her Dad better buy a new silver car for her 17th.

And if she didn't get it she'd cry til he did.:facepalm:

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