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  1. Prices start from €64.50 (that is before any booking fee's come into it), but does anybody know what the full price range is? The English shows show up a decent price range, and the most expensive ones are, I assume, the better seats. That would most likely be out of my price range, hoping to find out before Wednesday.
  2. This person doesn't lie. I hope Chris takes the kids with him on tour so they don't become too like the stereotype things from there. Jesus if they get educated there they'll wear those hideous brown uniforms.
  3. Don't you know its Matt on bass? Dom is that high-pitched singer dude! Handy its small...and I work near there...where LOADS of Foxrock people shop.
  4. Just read this in the entertainment section of the national paper.
  5. Mushy

    Oxegen 2010

    Leaving Cert is over around now, the bad weather will come about once again. For Oxegen, go dressed for the best weather, but have stuff for the worst too. Never an in-between.
  6. Mushy

    Oxegen 2010

    I love barging into phone companies I'm not part of and trying to win tickets. O2 and Biffy last time. Def won't be buying a day ticket anyway, at over 100e I just cant justify it, specially when I'm gonna get Maiden tickets amongst a large bumch of others.
  7. Mushy

    Oxegen 2010

    Â But...but....I might be surrounded by Cork people on Monday:( I'm just unsure, I really hate Oxegen. I have big overdraft to pay off, only getting first paycheck week before, and before ye say its perfect, I'll have a string of other things to pay off, namely Muse at wembley haha. Awkward to get to, live just on otehr side of mountains.
  8. Mushy

    Oxegen 2010

    Was/am thinking of going to this on the Saturday. Between Muse, Biffy, Doves and probably 1/2 others, it'd be good. But over €100? Don't think it can be worth it. Now, who is to convince me otherwise?
  9. May be seeing ye there then folks. The lure of Pearl Jam is too much, Muse is nice too, and probably Rammstein...I can dig this.
  10. From a customer POV in Ireland its annoying having to put in N/A for postcode everytime, even though we select Ireland as he country:LOL:
  11. Was wondering myself, but decided on Wembley. Love London, wanna make amends for last time too. Keep seeing the place(Wembley) with regrets nearly.
  12. Yeah tis a bit annoying. Hopefully an option to print them off. If box office collection is the only way, then so be it, I'll go that way. Not pushed bout barrier anyway. Oddly enough when the gig is on may be the first weekend of me starting the h.dip teaching course...good start.
  13. Who from this thread is heading to Wembley/LCCC? Thats just cos I'm too lazy to check posts. Think my parents are paying for Them Croked Vultures(christmas pressie), so can get tickets for this on Wednesday(or whenever). No Leaving Cert to screw me over this time.
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