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  1. I won't! I've been sneaking around the hair thread for ideas, so the .mu lives in one of my tabs now. Plus, there's the advent calendar so it's in my tabs, not to be forgotten.

    Yeah, it was nice. I'll be spending a week in England starting this weekend, so that'll be really fun. But I go back to my boring life in the USA on 16 January. ;n;

    I know how you feel about being busy! What sort of stuff have you been busy with?

  2. It's really terrible how I keep forgetting that the .mu exists. Bluh. Well anyway, where did the second half of the year go? 2011 is almost over; I can't believe it.

    So yes, I'm living in Finland now. It's great. How've you been?

  3. Wow, I've only just now gotten your message, after two months. Sorry about that. I'm okay, thanks for asking. I just haven't been on here in a while. I've been a bit busier with real-life activity (I'm going on an exchange to Finland in just a couple weeks... whoa!) and my online time is usually taken up by tumblr. It's addicting. But I'll try to come onto the .mu more often. I've missed this place a lot. Anyway, thanks for caring and noticing that I was gone. How are you?

  4. That's genius! I use Impact. These are all brilliant! Ugh, exactly. Those are the only two songs anyone at my school ever has on their iPods, if they have any Muse at all. A girl in my German class was telling me that her cousin was listening to Muse (and it reminded her of me ) and she really liked it. Then she felt the need to tell me, as if I didn't know, that Muse are in the Twilight movies. She makes me ashamed to have the name Stephanie. These are hilarious nonetheless. Wait, are the first and third pictures the same but flipped? Oh god. Okay, I can't stop laughing at this. Pure brilliance!
  5. Great lolz from everyone! Funny that Trilateral should make that lolz when she did, but maybe it was no coincedence. I just saw a show about that last night, and it made me so nervous. I might be going to California to meet Mads97 this summer, and now I'm even more scared about flying. :'(
  6. YKYATMW you choose your topics for your history projects based on Muse. I did a project a little while back on Clara Lemlich because she led an "uprising," and now I'm doing a project on "The Muse in Arms" because it has the word Muse in it. Both are rather difficult to find a lot of information about them, but it's worth it to be reminded of Muse while working on them.
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