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Why don't Muse make any great music videos anymore...

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Unintended :chuckle: Dom and his drumsticks:LOL:


no im kidding... i love Sunburn:awesome: and TIRO is awesome too :yesey: Also, Muscle Museum US mix video (with all the live footage) makes me very happy:happy:


But your mistaken..... Muse have not stopped with the great videos


i adore the uprising and UD vids, and the parts of NSC without twilight :rolleyes:

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I liked Undisclosed Desires, it was crazy and a bit weird. Which is where Muse shines I think. :p Resistance was boring, and Uprising was just.............teddy bears.


Agreed. But I kinda loved the teddy godzillas.:LOL:


I liked the videos for Bliss, Hyper Music, TIRO, Starlight and SMBH.

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Muse never made good music videos.


The only good ones are:

Knights Of Cydonia

Starlight (although I dislike the song, nice video)

Resistance (would be a lot better if the scenes were relevant to the song being played and chris didn't suddenly grow a mustache and they weren't all playing quick change with clothes and guitars :LOL:)


Time Is Running Out (nicely done although I don't like it much, the US live version however is :awesome: )

Stockholm Syndrome (the US version is also :awesome: )

Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) had the potencial to be one of the best, but it was shat on by Twilight. I think it showed though, that if Muse kept video ideas simple they could be quite good, just a few colour changing screens and slow motion effects, worked quite nicely.

I have to confess, I quite enjoy the Undisclosed Desires video, imo it's the best thing to come out of that song being a single :LOL:


Muse should really do a few more well edited live videos, and not butcher them like the Resistance one. and keep the song live and not dub it with the studio version and dub in crowd noise on the cheesy chorus :facepalm:


I know they're not really responsible, but I think they should take more care.

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I must say I haven't been keen on the videos for a while. Neutron Star Collision was fine really except for all the movie shots, but there hasn't been one I've really liked since Knights of Cydonia. IMO the best ones are New Born, Stockholm Syndrome (UK), Dead Star and Knights of Cydonia.

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