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  1. Ooh good idea for a thread Hmm...maybe something really bombastic made of glass or entirely clear, I'm thinking like Dr. Manhattans glass/watch palace on Mars (from Watchmen)...speaking of which I'm surprised Matt hasn't drawn any inspiration from the graphic novel...it's supremely weird enough for him I would think.
  2. Wow I'm clearly not campaigning to be taken seriously...maybe sarcasm is lost of some of you though
  3. @James, Not so fast @Dominic, you're not a real fan ...jk
  4. Not to sound rude but that's what you get for buying the digital version. Muse always deserves a hard copy in my collection. Always.
  5. Their live from Abbey Road performance was pretty amazing too. They just seem so focused and I love that, probably because in that video it was still a fairly new song. That and Map of the Problematique
  6. Â I know right...I mean every Muse show is generally fantastic but V festival just seems like a lesser performance that Fuji Rock in my opinion.
  7. I just checked it out...impressive performance but definitely not as impressive as Fuji Rock for me. Dom's drums in the Fuji Rock version just completely blows away all other versions.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAyrPurTh-I
  9. In case you haven't heard it, KoC live from Fuji Rock is probably the best live performance of that song I've ever heard.
  10. For someone who is just getting into Muse, I would play Knights of Cydonia and Map of the Problematique
  11. I hope they come out with a Resistance Tour Dvd of all the best performances from different venues around the world AND a Reeding/Leeds Dvd
  12. BHaR era is my favorite group of cover art for the singles
  13. reminds me of aqua teen hunger force style animation
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