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Matt Bellamy Wants Cards With Clooney


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Matt Bellamy is waiting for an invite to play poker with George Clooney.


The Muse frontman - whose property in Italy's Lake Como neighbours that of the Hollywood actor - admitted he was hoping to get invited round for a spot of gambling because he was confident he could win some money off him.


He said: "I have seen him cycling back and forth, he likes his bicycle. I was hoping for an invitation to play poker. I'll take him on, heads up, 10 grand a piece. I'm good enough at poker to take on someone like him. Or he could come round mine for some freeze-dried Bolognaise."



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Eh' date=' Bellz probably wants to see what model or whoever George Clooney is hooking up with these days... or finagle a tiny role in the next "Oceans" flick (if they ever make another), and now that Matt's been linked to Kate Hudson, Clooney is probably more likely to extend an invite (for much the same reason, methinks)![/quote']


So the next thing Matt puts in an ocean is himself? :awesome:





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