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    I live in my head, it is the only thing that keeps me alive (along with music, I guess). My dreams are the only reason I don't end it all, because you can't dream in death, just eternal peace.

    I like to help people, so if you want help, contact me on www.teenhelp.org, I'm called iMuse :) or just PM me
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    Dreams, physics, astrophysics, theoretical physics, music, psychology, karate, Russell Howard, comedy, animals.
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    Fucking student :)
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    Interpol, DCFC, Joy Division, LOSTPROPHETS, Echo and the Bunnymen, Billy Talent, BRMC, The Smiths, Clinic, Kansas, Simon and Garfunkel, My Passion, Plushgun, David Bowie, Iron & Wine, The Weepies, Atomic Tom, Pulp, Blur, The Blackout, The Pigeon Detectives, The XX, Elbow, Foals.
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    Donnie Darko, The Remains of the Day, The Quiet American, Eurotrip, A Good Year, Christopher and his kind
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    Russell Howard's Good News, Doctor who, Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox's Wonders of the universe, Supernatural, Skins, Misfits, The Big Bang Theory
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    Dracula, An Inspector Calls,1984, Animal Farm, The Complete Colletction of Sherlock Holmes, The Time Machine, Day of the Triffids
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    Showbiz, OoS, The Resistance, Hullaballoo DVD, HAARP, Retro Muse sampler free in The Sun from 2000,
    Everything else from iTunes
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    Reading 2011
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  1. Hey! Sorry for the massively late response to your friend request haha. I've not been on these boards in a looong time. Trying to get back into it now though! How are you?

  2. What a mind you have! I've read a few of your posts here and there and I must say,you are well beyond your years!

  3. Sorry for the super-mega-late reply! :$ I just haven't been here at all for AGES!


    So how have you been? and I missed you too xx :D

  4. Hey Alyssa :)

    Thank you :)

    Well, I won't go into detail, but the man -who my psychologists say isn't real- who made me attempt suicide last year, is back. I can barely move. Each sentence takes about a minute to type. I can see him, hear him and feel him. He possess people, animals and myself. I'm so scared. I think I'm going to try and kill myself for the second time this week.

    You can always talk to me!


  5. Awesome! :D


    You're welcome :happy:


    Yayyyyy that's what I like to hear :p Ahh I bet you were loving it ;)


    Yep! Not long now :awes: I hate that it's Muse on the Friday though because I wanna save them till last :( It's on Sunday at Reading isn't iit? :)


    Thanks :happy: Errrm they're going okay I think.. Good luck to you too!


    Awwwwwwh, but you're okay? I hope so :) How did the swlstg trip go? :)


    I'm fine thanks :p


    Sorry for the late reply :indiff: Have you been up to much? :D

  6. Hey! I'm so sorry you've been feeling so down lately. I know you don't really know me much, but I'm around here all the time if you ever need an ear to talk to.



  7. Sardinia :D


    Cheers :)


    My crush? Yeah :) We're becoming really good friends and I think he might like me, and HE TOUCHED MY FACE. It wasn't a "seductive stroke", just him acting out what he did earlier, when slapping someone, but it look so worried when he slow-mo slapped me, because he was touching my face :chuckle:


    THATS SO COOL! :D You get to see the OoS gig aswell then! :D


    Good luck! :D How are they going? I've only got small ones after half term :)


    I've been... me. A little bit insane, but thats just me :) I walk around like I'm drunk, sometimes no shoes, I lie down in the middle of the street, stand staring up at the sky for 10 minutes on a busy street, compulsive touching, I'm losing my words, my mind is going crazy, I keep having small hallucinations and my words are random and often strange facts about death, or questions like "If there are 6 bears and each bear eats two cats, how many cats will there be left after all the bears die if there are 103 cats to start with?" and similar.

    But, my school brought in my parents because they were doing nothing, so now they're all paranoid, but I'm seeing the doctor on monday and going to this place (http://www.swlstg-tr.nhs.uk/ - a mental health place) on thursday :)


    How are you? :)

  8. Where did you go? :)


    Well at least you've cut down!


    Awwwwh Rosy :( Doesn't this make you see that you aren't fat? You don't need the excersise, you'll just wear youself out since you're not eating, I hope you get better <3


    Have you spoke to him much lately? :happy:


    I bet you can't! Who else are you gonna see? :p I'M GOING TO LEEDS :awesome:


    Goood, and I hope you feel less lonely soon, feeling lonely sucks :(

    I haven't started yet, my first one is on Tuesday :indiff: Have you got any? :)


    How have you been? :p

    Sorry for the late reply :(

  9. Hey :)

    It was lovely thanks :) my legs are still tanned!

    Thanks good :)

    Not much really, just lots of screen shots from Dracula, 1931 :) School and music, really :) And yourself?

  10. hey

    Yeah, it was cool :)

    Aww thanks! :kiss:

    Thanks for not being prejudiced :) People on this site are generally quite understanding, but other websites just say "12? GTFO." :LOL:


  11. Hey (: Cool. Is sardinia nice?

    Ah ok....

    Im fine thanks :)

    What have you been up to?

  12. ninja

    That's alright lovely! Did you enjoy the holiday? I'm so glad!!! No worries, I was worried for you, I'm always here if you want to talk to someone. I have no qualms with taking an advice fr a 12 year old. I was once twelve anyway!

    Much love, Sair. Xx

  13. hey

    Hey :) Sorry for the late reply from the mental health thread, I only just got back from holiday.

    I survived :) and didn't gain too much weight!

    Thanks for being so nice to me, I hope that you get better soon :) oh, and I'm here if you want to vent :) (most people don't like to ask for advice from a 12 year old, so I don't really offer it, but I'm happy to do it anyway!)

    Rosy x

  14. Hey :) Sorry for the late reply :( I was away in Sardinia!

    Meh, I've been better...

    How are you?

  15. Good :)

    you okay today?

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