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  1. I'm totally doing Empire of the Sun -> Muse. I love QOTSA, but I'm dying to see Empire of the Sun.
  2. Who knows what was available for them. But it's not like they didn't have an instant sell out anyways.
  3. Ikr? I'll be devastated if they conflict with Empire of the Sun. I'm really hoping they'll do Muse -> Skrillex on the main stage so that Empire of the Sun can close one of the tents and I can rush over there for that over Muse. I seriously have a curse of never getting to see that band, gah!
  4. It's a lot like Glasto really! Except with Coachella you can always sell your pass if you hate the lineup.
  5. I gave a large variety to consider. I could even list more. And Haim do not suck, hmph.
  6. Daniel you're such a pessimist. It's only bad in terms of what you consider to be good bands. There's tons of fantastic stuff on there, too many for me in fact! I'm going to get hammered by schedule conflicts. Big bands like Outkast (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), QOTSA, and Arcade Fire... midtiers like Broken Bells, Empire of the Sun, Haim, Disclosure, The Knife, Beck, Little Dragon... and especially the smaller acts like Bastille, Flume, Grouplove, MS MR, Austra, Tom Odell, Cage the Elephant, Naked and Famous, Capital Cities, CHVRCHES, Temples, Mogwai, Warpaint, Washed Out, Foxygen, White Lies, Graveyard, Blood Orange, The 1975, STRFKR, Frank Turner, Daughter, Poolside, Crosses... if you can't find some acts to like then you REALLY need to go discover some new music.
  7. Can't wait for weekend 2! No barrier camping for me, way too many acts I want to see on that Saturday! I just know Empire of the Sun will end up being during Muse, gah!
  8. Dunno why you changed it to unconfirmed. Matt said it outright yesterday and I've know for about 5 months now that it was happening, was just waiting for confirmation. Either way, May 7 you'll get your official announcement.
  9. Yaaaaay I really hope you come and we can properly get some hang out time You better leave an extra day for enjoying Austin too!
  10. http://www.livestream.com/adlitteramtv/video?clipId=pla_99616ee9-2a9e-4899-a72d-8e20acf77639 at about 32:04
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