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    Just get to know me and you will discover the person i am.
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    The nagging voice in the back of matts mind
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    painting,reading,cross stitching, gardening, cooking and hopefully when i get my car driving away to places on weekends will be another hobby of mine.
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    Throwing shit at annoyang people
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    Pink floyd,traffic,evermore,rem,deep purple, 30 secs to mars, coldplay,linkin park,super tramp, alan parsons project,portishead, crosby stills nash, neil young and heaps mo re
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    The other boelyn girl, X files, Troy,In dreams,Science of sleep,Garfield, and is hoping to see the day earth stood still and quarantine.
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    Muder mystery, some sci fi, fantasy, historic novels.
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    Showbiz, origin of symmetry,absoloution,black holes and relevation,harrp. Dvds absoloution,hulabbalo and wembly. and the bdo concert :D
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    When they come back to new zealand i will see them or if i travel to where they are...
  1. Lấy lý do cần xem “mẫu” trước để hướng dẫn chơi poker

    kiểm tra chất lượng, chúng tôi dè dặt mua một bộ danh bai truc tuyen mien phi

    . Thoáng chán nản vì tưởng bắt được mối hời nhưng anh ta vẫn kiên nhẫn lân la chào hàng thêm một số món đồ độc khác nữa là máy hút bài, đẩy bài. đại thì càng không thể nói hết bởi bây giờ nhiều khi bịp mà như... không bịp casino truc tuyen uy tin. Ở đây, trong bài viết này tôi chỉ giới thiệu một số thủ đoạn cờ bạc Cách chơi bài baccarat bịp đã và đang có ở Việt Nam. Có anh bạn được mời đi chơi rồi gạ đánh chắn ở tận một làng hẻo lánh trên Lục Nam (Bắc Giang). Ăn uống xong, mười giờ đêm, bàn bắt đầu được dọn ra

  2. in that case he better keep the hell away from me then lmao I am one that is a random person for convos last week at the pub.. apparently i went from Politics,soccer,oceans,aliens,world ending,my hair going grey,my nails breaking,the flavour of the beer,Moths hanging around the gas heater,the guy blowing his nose on his shirt all in like the space of 20mins and my mates were like :eek: my head, my head... I would like to create a head exploding smiley for us to use..
  3. well at least it wasnt robert pattison singing that has to be the main thing right.
  4. Thanks for that. *waves* hi chris.. just join in we wont bite pwomise.. that was a good article in light of whats been happening and you know what if i was a celeb much the same as muse i wouldnt give two fucks about what people thought of me. As long as i am being appreciated for the work i put out and the people like it i am not going to worry about the ones that are happy to pick holes... I am wondering if that is how matt looks at it sometimes. And also interviews i would get bored doing them.
  5. mmm talks of beef and so on....... sooooooooooo thats why matt has brought a farm to put all the cows we create in this thread onto the farm what about the chickens and the banana and the pasta?? wheres he gunna put those...
  6. If there are idiots out there ripping up thier muse tickets based on what they read in one interview good fucken riddance that is what i call an evoloution in process *thumbs up* :LOL:
  7. if matts part of the breeding program would you have a problem to assist?? thing is how would they manage to hold him down long enough to get what they needed
  8. Ahhh i see. hey did you know that muse are the aliens that crashed there way back when they just havent figured out how to get the ship to work again... I think they are getting close to it now..
  9. :p And still everyone overlooks that matt is moving to the wrong place in the US and there in roswell he will find the plot that he lost ages ago. The one question i would like to ask him if the world ends tommorow and hes in the states how is he going to get to his stock pile of food and shelter???
  10. Matthew its not LA or NY you want to move to its ROSWELL http://www.spacealieninvasion.com/images/roswell_map.jpg yes i know they never come on here but just to help his sense of location to find the plot Your looking in the wrong places. And this interview has given me a whole new perspective on muse and hell i never knew chris had his trouble, Dom i can understand how he is upset. And Matt is just being Mat i suppose. Get the pun Matt the mat
  11. lol funny how were going on about matts response but not the others. If one did turn up i would think that matt added a lill extra to the show.
  12. interesting responses lol. i would actually wave to the craft and demand they take me and leave muse behind, I wreckon if they saw it matt would freak out lol
  13. ??? fire away people. I watched a rather interesting article on 60mins its like a current affairs and they were saying that the government has released thier tales of sightings of ufos etc etc. And this year there has been an increase in sightings and so on. If i came across an Zeta i'd be asking them a shitload of questions..
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