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  1. fizzers

    And the winner is...

    Whoot! My favorite! Congrats!
  2. Finally just got back home. I have bruises everywhere and possibly a black eye developing. My back is as red as a tomato and I dislocated my knee. I queued up at 10pm and kept at barrier until after Muse. I really enjoyed Muse's set. It was amazing. Not as amazing as hearing CE and Microcuts during the sound check though... yup, I was one of the "stupid/rabid fangirls" who needed to shut up. But hearing MotP and Butterflies and Hurricanes live was good enough for me. The energy was phenomenal. After Muse's set I got out of the barrier and stretched my legs a bit and came back inside. We were all in the back of GA during Rage. Omfg... people were climbing on stuff, swinging off sound chords, Lighting shit on fire, cops were everywhere and when I tried to leave rows and rows started to charge for the stage. I tripped over a beer cup and got trampled. I saw someone get carried out on a stretcher... He/she looked dead. Anyways, even though I almost died during Rage, they were amazing! The day before I got to meet Matt, Dom, Dom A, Kirk, Tom, Zac and Brad! It was so awesome. Made Morello laugh so hard. I am really glad I flew out to this show. It was worth the pain and irritation. Immortal Technique were so annoying! Ugh. And Lauren Hill made my ears bleed. Also, seriously, brawny underneath chubtastic on the top men should not crowd surf! When I find you bearded big man I am going to give you a black eye! And the guy that started the stage charge, I blame you for my dislocated knee. Lol.
  3. I'm from Seattle and I am most certainly not wanting to queue up in unknown heat, but I'm going to do it. We'll be sun haters keeping each other company! I'd say noon is not going to get you a good spot. Queue earlier. I'm in the pit as well and will probably out do you with the crazy rocking out. Just a warning. Excited to meet you too!
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