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Muse Song World Cup - Black Holes And Revelations Qualifying


Which Song should qualify for the Muse Song World Cup?  

155 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Song should qualify for the Muse Song World Cup?

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Black Holes and Revelations Qualifying: Now Open.


The Top 6 Songs from this group will qualify for the final 32.

In the event of a tie for 6thplace, a run off vote will occur.


Which song do you choose to qualify, and what are the reasons behind your choice?


Which songs do you tip to go through to the final 32?


And which tracks will make it to the round of 16 and beyond?



Voting is Open for 5 Days.


Want to Know More, Including a daily commentary on the tournament?

Click Here to link to the Muse Song World Cup Discussion Thread.

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first of all, i wanted to say, i love BHAR! each songs on that album has its own characteristics which is very different from the other songs especially its musicality (like dom's colorful pants) :D


anyway my top 5 list from BHAR are (in no particular order) map of the problematique, starlight, koc, smbh, glorious. but i go with starlight cos i think less people would vote it.

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City of Delusion with only 2 votes?! It's one of Muse' best songs IMO.


But then another of my all time favourite Muse songs is TaB and that's stuck on 4 votes.


imo.. TaB, City of Delusion and MoTP are the best 3 followed closely by Invincible, Knights of Cydonia, Assassin and Hoodoo with Soldiers Poem, Starlight and Supermassive Black hole being my least fave.


I think I'm going to wait before voting tho. Just to see if TaB gets a few more votes and I can worry about saving Invincible or City of Delusion. :LOL:

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