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  1. Yeah, thats the only show they played Dead Star as far as I can tell in the US. sunburn has been played a few times though, so should be a good chance for that live.
  2. I think Sunburn will be likely! Animals would be awesome. Realistically, Bliss would be awesome. Unrealistically, Dead Star again and Thoughts of a Dying Atheist.
  3. Unfortunately, the person I was going with to this show cannot go now I paid for both tickets on my CC and its paperless, so I have 1 extra GA ticket, if anyone wasn't able to get one before. They cost $77.25 with fees, so... if I can recoup that ($150 is ridiculous^) and a bonus doors waiting buddy, I'm a happy guy, lol
  4. Well, considering I was at MSG night 2 just recently in April and they unexpectedly played Dead Star when a fan shouted the request out, I think they definitely could do it! Bliss would be great too, but live, Dead Star was just awesome.
  5. Is it April 16th yet!!?? Im still trying to decide whether to drive or take train though...
  6. no seats or ga at all?? tried like 9 times already
  7. Isolated System playing in the background, symbolizing my eventual realization I will lose out to scalpers today.
  8. So, I listened to this for the first time through my cell phone and from the interview version = thought it was terrible and was some wacky, odd mash-up of random piano+elementary lyrics+some unrelated guitar riff that didn't fit with the song, almost like oh crap we forgot to put a guitar solo in this one guys. Downloaded the single on iTunes this morning, played it on way to work = repeat, repeat, repeat... All day at work= recall of guitar and bass riffs blowing my mind. Tonight, I was trying to play it myself messing around a bit after watching some covers.
  9. The NHL L.A. Kings have a video of highlights they are showing before the game begins and it is set to Hysteria. As a fan of the other team, I am seeing this as they show the broadcasters introduce the coverage of the game and I am highly jealous.
  10. I would buy the keyboard thing just to play whatever Muse song they picked...even UD, lol. Secretly hoping for Space Dementia though...:awesome:
  11. Â I went to both...the only difference I can recall was that MSG got MK Ultra, and Philly did not. I thought the Philly show was better though overall, then again it was GA vs Seats at MSG, sooo.... lol
  12. Never a truer statement. @ concertmaps Really though...65 bucks for GA? I thought it was cheaper before for Philly at least...hmmm UPDATE: They were 59.50, +fees. WHAT THE HELL, MUSE THREE TIMES IN SAME YEAR IM FREAKIN' STOKED! :awesome:
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