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  1. I finally got around to hearing this album (having heard very little beforehand) and I was surprised by how much I didn't hate it I pretty much don't listen to anything from the past two albums these days and I struggled to like the vast majority of songs on them when they were released, but I did actually enjoy the first listen of this one. The Handler is the best song for sure; it's the one I immediately went back to and repeated a few times. I didn't even think Revolt was that bad, I mean yeah it's bad but I wasn't cringing at it as much as I thought I would be going on the comments I've been skimming through on here. I can't say I'm excited to hear that song again though to be fair. The albums needs more listens of course but I'm positive that it's better than the past two (for me at least). Pleasantly surprised.
  2. I've always liked that riff when they played it so musically I like the song definitely, the lyrics will take some getting used to though In reply to a few pages back, Annie Mac always sounds bored. I'm glad I didn't listen to her broadcast; she once gave a talk at university when I was studying media and her voice made me want to sleep so bad but I was near the front so I couldn't
  3. English Semantics is all we have until Muse get off their arses and announce something Damn if I still lived over there I'd only be an hour and a half bus away from Belfast if a gig was to happen I'll be at work until after 8pm tonight and fully expect this thread to have exploded with news by then
  4. I've not seen the banner at all on my iTunes, I've just got promos for madonna and mumford and sons it wasn't there earlier either, odd. I completely missed all of the T2L hype (i forgot lol) so it's nice to be aboard the hype train this time around
  5. ^ There was definitely more effort in the marketing with TR (in the UK anyway) I saw huge billboards for the album in Manchester and such. T2L on the other hand, due to not reading this board or anything about Muse I didn't even know they had another album out until I came back to this board the following March I'd heard nothing about it marketing wise.
  6. I've never liked TR personally. When it came out I was a brand new fan and I tried really hard to love it, but nah. I just hated IBTY/Guiding Light/USoE and wasn't bowled over by the rest. I still give Exo 1,2, and 3 the occasional listen though
  7. bloody hell, LP7, it doesn't feel like it's been that long since I was doing my GCSEs and waiting for the resistance to come out bless. What I've read on here so far does seem promising. Do we have an indication of when it will be released or is it just 'at some point next year'?
  8. I think Absolution is still my fav to listen to personally. My last.fm thing has them in the order of the amount I've listened to them: 1. Absolution 2. BHAR 3.Origin [these three are all really high] 4. T2L [which isn't far behind surprisingly] 5. TR 6. Showbiz I always forget about Showbiz but it's nice rediscovering it after a while.
  9. oh my god Wow I don't think I've ever listened to a song over 1,000 times. It's taken me like 4 years just to reach 200 plays: 1. Take a Bow (214) 2. Map of the Problematique (201) 3. Isolated System (181) 4. Apocalypse Please (134) 5. Bliss (132) 6. New Born (120) 7. Ruled by Secrecy (112) 8. Stockholm Syndrome (110) 9. Hysteria (109) 10. Animals (105)
  10. If The Groove comes on shuffle on full volume without warning it scares the shit out of me but that's about it.
  11. I do love CE but it's by no means my favourite; some people put it onto this godly pedestal above everything else but I don't see it as being superior to their other songs. I have tried hard to like glorious but for some reason I always end up turning it off if I listen to it.
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