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  1. Same to you :party:

  2. Du sprichst sehr gut Deutsch! :chuckle:

  3. True :chuckle: Thanks :)

  4. You betcha :chuckle:

    I'm learning German again... I'm sure I'll improve my German because I've been chatting with german people... It hasn't been easy:rolleyes:

  5. Aww... Make sure you enjoy the last 2 weeks :p

  6. 15th September. You?

  7. Agreed! I don't want my holidays to end... :(

  8. Going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, playing tennis...

  9. Haha :D What have you been doing lately?

  10. Para a próxima vez vamos conseguir hehe!

  11. I agree. I love their albums... I can't decide which one of them is the best.

  12. I love "I Appear Missing" but I also love "My God is the Sun" and "If I had a Tail" :)

  13. Their new album is awesome :)

  14. I hope so! I'm sure they will perform near where you live soon :)

  15. Que fixe... Cheguei a tocar no dedo mindinho do Chris quando eles desceram do palco lateral para cumprimentar os fãs e por pouco não tocava na mão do Matt e do Dom :(

  16. I heard their concert on the radio at a Portuguese festival 2 days ago. It was awesome! Sadly I didn't know that they were coming to Portugal :( If I did, I would go for sure! There are some videos of the gig on this youtube channel

  17. I hope so!

  18. No relvado, encostada ao palco lateral :) Vi-os tão bem :D

  19. I don't like Bliss very much, I prefer Butterflies and Hurricanes and Dead Star... It was okay :p

  20. Thanks, I had a lot of fun, it was the best gig I've ever been to :) I didn't, at least we got Sunburn and Bliss ;)

  21. Going to see Muse on Monday :D

  22. Vais para o relvado?

  23. Did you like it? :awesome:

  24. Thanks :) Haha, don't worry, live in the present :)

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