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  1. xin chính quyền cấp gần 1 ha đất đ giá bán củ đinh lăng

    ban nam ngoc cau rung Nhưng bên đó nhà nhà

    chính quyền cấp gần 1 ha đất đ chuối hột khô mua ở đâu

    giá sâm cau gia đình, sau là để giúp đồng

    chính quyền cấp gần cần mua tam thất

    mua ba kích riệu đồng cho gia đình.

  2. chorus reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Lp2uC_1lg Edit: fitting that a Muse - Drones adlink just popped up at the bottom of the video. lol
  3. Hmmmm.... let's see... I shall go with my opinion of the worst song on each album. Showbiz - Escape OoS - Microcuts Absolution - Thoughts of Dying Atheist BHaR - Invincible TR - Guiding Light T2L - Explorers Drones - Revolt
  4. Showbiz Cave Showbiz Unintended Uno Origin of Symmetry New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hyper Music Absolution Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Sing For Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Black Holes And Revelations Exo-Politics City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia The Resistance Unnatural Selection MK Ultra I Belong To You Exogenesis Part 1 The 2nd Law Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Drones Psycho Mercy Reapers The Handler
  5. Ooooh no.... Don't get me started with Save Me. I don't feel Aftermath needs to be riffed. I just think it was headed someone extraordinary and then received a dose of cheese. Now.... don't get me wrong, me gusta queso, but I just could have used a little less. Not a bad song all things considered. I'll listen to it when I'm feeling soft and squishy.
  6. I love the beginning of this song. It's gives me goosebumps with the guitar and I'm with it until he starts with this from this moment mushy lovey crap and makes me want to punch a kitten.
  7. I was digging it until that last third. And it's not even that I don't like the last third, it just didn't need to be attached.
  8. Hello there. I am the keeper of several things and have been for many years, but I changed my user name from Violet80s to •am• a while back and forgot to update things here. Can you please update my keeps with my new name? I am the keeper of Apocalypse Please Futurism gigs in Texas / Texas gigs MOTP Intro The Small Print Chris' ever changing tummy Chris' shoulders Chris' harmonica skills Chris' skinny jeans Chris' overall sexiness I understand the rules now say 3 per category, but please let me remind you that these have been my keeps for years since the rule used to be 5 per category and i've had these since before this thread and some from the very beginning of this thread. Please please please update my name on my keeps. Gracias Oooops sorry, I should have scrolled up first before posting. I just saw the thread and remembered that I needed to update my name. Well... whenever this gets sorted... let me know
  9. I've had this song on repeat most of the morning. Then the lyric video came out and made it even better. Its a perfectly dark video. loved it. also the lyrics say "Behold my trance formation". Makes sense as is. Not a mistype for "transformation". lastly.... I starting at 2:05. Every. Single. Time.
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