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    MUSE, Rise Against, Megadeth, Radiohead, The Killers, Zornik, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin.
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    Origin of Symmetry, Black Holes and Revelations, Hulaballoo DVD and HAARP, as well as the other CD's off iTunes :)
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  1. Hiding to... probably became Big Freeze. "We are hiding to nowhere" EDIT: Apparently it's "on a hiding to". Point still stands though.
  2. I'm currently going with: Unsustainable Prelude Survival Madness Big Freeze Follow Me Save Me Animals Panic Station Supremacy Liquid State Explorers Isolated System The first 8 tracks flow really well, as does Explorers into IS. I also edited the start/stop times of LS and Supremacy, as LS starts with four sharp notes and Supremacy starts with four sharp notes too
  3. Yeah, he'll have lots of influences (inb4 Radiohead) but I always found the Morello one most prominent. Although I'll admit I've not heard many Deftones songs, I even had too google who Carpenter was
  4. The RATM point is a good one actually. No one threw a hissy fit when Matt was trying to be Tom Morello in every other song. The Queen influence is only in USoE and Madness. USoE is one of my favourite songs by any band, and Madness is pretty good too.
  5. I think an acoustic, stripped down version of this would work amazingly when performed live. Kinda like what Biffy Clyro did with Folding Stars. Anyway, love the song but I hope there are rockier ones on the album.
  6. FUCK! That article pissed me off so much. I don't know why I bother reading the UG news page, it's full of false quotes and misleading titles.
  7. Hmm, I haven't done this yet. Supremacy - Slow orchestral music, slowly building into a climax with guitars and falsetto - similar to Exogenesis part 1 Madness - Lead single. Piano driven love song, with a lot of backing vocals from Chris. Catchy chorus but overall a bit meh. Panic Station - We know it'll be disco-y. I have a feeling it'll be somewhere between MOTP and UD. Could possibly be a single Prelude & Survival are known Follow Me - I think this'll be Matt's song about Bing. Acoustic guitar, soft drums and maybe some keyboards. Fan favourite, released as a single and remains an important live track for future tours. Animals - Killer riff, heavy bass and drums and plenty of falsetto. Will be the song mostly associated with "old" muse, but rarely played live. Explorers - I think this song will be quiet and slow, almost like Screenager. Will involve the choirs, and will get skipped a lot by most people as it is a long track. Leads into the next track. Big Freeze - Awesome bass line, with a riff to match, almost Hysteria-like, but more synthy like MK Ultra. Will have a guitar solo. Possible single. Save Me - A creepy song using scales I've never heard of and scary strings in the background that probably belongs more in a horror film and not on a Muse album. Screamed vocals. Will give me nightmares. Liquid State - Piano song, chord heavy. More choirs, possibly some synth arpeggios in the background. Will be brave but too ambitious and will flop as a track. Unsustainable - DUBSTEP! I think that the trailer was all this song, but I think more of the dubstep will be present for the remaining 2 minutes. Leads into... Isolated System - Starts with a fast bassline with heavy drums, choirs, orchestra, the lot. Matt distorted vocals. Heavy dubstep drop for the last minute or so, with squealing guitars over the top. Never played live.
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